Pain During Periods Symptoms: Causes & Remedies To Reduce Pain

Pain during periods is a common ailment afflicting a significant number of menstruating women. The pain is also accompanied with cramping in the lower abdomen along with several other discomforts. Pain during periods generally starts a year or two after a woman starts menstruating.

Sometimes the pain and cramping may get so severe that it may that affect the normal working of women, causing them to absent from work for days. The good thing, however, is that the disease can be healed to a great extent by using different natural remedies.

In most cases, the cramping is eased after the birth of first baby.

However, some women may get cramping throughout their life due to some defects in their reproductive organ.

Symptoms Of Pain During Periods

Cramping in the lower abdomen is one of the most common symptoms of pain during periods. For some women the pain may even spread to their lower back or legs. The pain often radiates down the legs and in some cases, it stays constantly in the lower back.

Besides pain, women also complain of nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, weakness as well as irritability during periods. Though rare, some women also get fainting spells due to pain during periods.

While most women get the pain during their menstruation periods, there are others, who feel the pain two or three days before the menstruation commences.

What Are The Causes Of Pain During Periods?

The discomfort and pain during periods is mostly caused by prostaglandins chemicals, produced by the body when a woman menstruates. This chemical makes the uterine muscle to contract, which in turn causes cramping and pain during periods.

Presence of adenomyosis or fibroids like benign growths can also cause pain during periods. Women with ectopic pregnancy also experience severe cramping and pain. Any infection of the reproductive organs may also be responsible for pain and discomfort.

Using of intra uterine device for birth control can sometimes trigger pain during periods. Women with narrow cervix or ovarian cyst are also like to contract severe pain during their menstruation.

Home Remedies To Reduce Pain During Periods

Pain during periods seldom requires any sort of medical aid. Home remedies like hot compress on the lower abdomen can heal the pain significantly. Applying circular massage on the lower abdomen and drinking warm milk can also help in easing the discomfort.

Drinking a cup of raspberry tea every day can help in reducing pain during periods. Yet, getting herbal tealeaves is essential, as the raspberry flavored tea will not provide the desired results. Try to reduce the intake of caffeine products, especially coffee as this is infamous for constricting blood vessel and aggravating the condition.

It is also recommended to include more green vegetables in your diet especially for those prone to pain during periods. Doctors even recommend reducing excess weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid pain during periods.  Regular exercises, including pelvic rocking exercises can help in reducing the pain significantly.

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