Nervousness During Menopause: Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies

Menopause is an important stage in a woman’s life and marks a great transition from one phase to another. It does not occur all of a sudden, and is usually preceded with perimenopause, in which the frequency of menstrual periods gets reduced gradually.

Whether it is menopause or perimenopause, it takes time for the woman to get herself accustomed to the hormonal changes and many women often experiences nervousness or anxiety during this stage. The onset of menopause is a stressful time for almost every woman and she initially becomes nervous, yet it does not have any severe impact on her health.

The condition generally gets healed with time.

Symptoms Of Nervousness During Menopause

Generalized nervousness of anxiety disorder, which is marked by a constant exaggerated state of fear and worry, without any provocation is one of the most common symptoms of this condition. It can last for a few weeks or can stretch for even six months. The lady overcomes this gradually as she gets accustomed to her menopause stage.

Some women also get panic disorder and experience overwhelming dread or sudden terror along with nervousness. Some women get social phobia and remain excessively worried about social situations after their menopause. Obsessive compulsive disorder is also experienced by many women after their menopause.

Women also get irritated and short-tempered for the first few months after their menopause. Some women also experience difficulty to concentrate in any work due to nervousness during or after menopause.

What Causes Anxiety During Menopause?

Hormonal changes that women undergo during their menopause make a great impact on their mood, which in turn leads to nervousness. Most women consider menopause to be a sign of their aging and it’s difficult for them to accept it, leading to nervousness or anxiety.

Menopause indicates loss of reproductive ability in a woman, which in turn makes her nervous.

Confidence level of some women also drops during this period, which in turn causes nervousness. Menopause symptoms like night sweats or lack of sleep can also lead to anxiety and nervousness during menopause.

Stress from every day works or emotional stress can also cause nervousness in women, especially those going through perimenopause phase. Women addicted to cigarettes or alcohol are prone to anxiety during menopause.

Natural Remedies For Nervousness During Menopause

Self-care at home is one of the best ways of treating nervousness during menopause. Exercise and yoga can help in dealing with nervousness to a large great extent. It can also help in checking weight gain after menopause. Relying on acupuncture is also noted among the best ways of dealing with mood swings and nervousness that women often experience during menopause.

Herbal remedies like black cohosh can be tried as a safe option to deal with nervousness effectively. Apart from this, Gingko Biloba is also a good choice for increasing mental alertness and overcoming nervousness during or after menopause.

Eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle have helped many women to deal with nervousness, mood swings or anxiety during menopause significantly.

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