Natural Ways To Delay Menstrual Cycle: How To Postpone Periods

Menstrual cycles are monthly cycles which occur in females during the reproductive age, which are characterized by bleeding per vagina towards the end of the cycle. Menstrual cycles are associated with hormonal changes in the body, which cause the uterus to shed its inner lining, in absence of a pregnancy, which results in bleeding.

In most females, menstrual cycles occur once in 25 to 35 days, though there may be marked variations, with regularly cycles occurring once in 40 days.

There are several factors that can contribute to the alteration in the pattern of regular menstrual cycles.

E.g. sudden emotional stress or physical exertion can upset normal menstrual cycles. Also there is no way of predicting, whether these factors would delay or hasten menses.

On certain occasions or events women would prefer to delay their menstrual periods, e.g. while undertaking an international traveling or attending a close friend’s wedding, etc, so as to make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable. In some cases, women may need to delay menstrual cycles for religious/ cultural reasons.

While there are several drugs and medications available, use of these products is often associated with side effects and detrimental health consequences.

How To Postpone Menstrual Cycle Naturally?

Here are some useful tips that can help in delaying the menstrual cycles naturally, without the use of hormonal pills. While the efficacy of these techniques may vary significantly, using a combination of various techniques suggested herewith can be very useful.

  • Certain foods are considered to result in early menstruation and hence these foods need to be avoided. By practice, all foods that are ‘hot and spicy’ should be avoided, which include ginger, pepper and garlic. It is presumed that these foods tend to affect metabolism, resulting in increased internal bodily heat, which in turn trigger an early onset of menstrual periods.
    Other foods that need to be avoided include papaya and sesame. It is recommended that these dietary modifications should start at least two weeks prior to the schedule date for start of period bleeding.
  • As an alternative dietary technique, fry gram lentils in little amount of edible olive oil and spin them in a blender to prepare a powder. Now consume this powder each morning for seven days, prior to the date of expected menstrual periods. While this technique is considered effective, it can result in irregular menstrual periods for the subsequent couple of menstrual cycles.
  • Certain foods that can have a cooling effect on the body can help postponing of the period dates. These foods include watermelon, buttermilk and cucumber. Including these foods in significant amount about a week prior to the expected date of periods can effectively delay the periods by a couple of days.
  • Avoiding non vegetarian diet is crucial, namely mutton and chicken, since these foods can increase internal metabolism and result in early periods.
  • Other important tip includes avoiding excessive exercise. Exercising excessively, if not a part of routine, can suddenly result in increased metabolism and therefore can result in early periods.
  • Drinking lots of water can also be helpful, as it tends to have a cooling effect on the body.

Unfortunately, while these dietary modifications can help delay menstrual periods, their efficacy may vary from person to person. These techniques can be useful if you intend to delay them for a day or two, however if you wish to delay periods for longer, it is important to consult a gynecologist.

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