Causes of Slow Menstrual Bleeding: Home Remedies to Regularize Menses

Slow menstrual bleeding or hypomenorrhea is characterized by either scanty bleeding during menstrual periods or short duration of periods. Under normal conditions, a female may bleed for about four to five days, with the quantity of bleeding reducing towards the fourth and the fifth day. However there can be certain causative factors which may contribute to periods shorter than three days or associated with very scanty bleeding.

What is Called Slow Menstrual Bleeding?

A female, within the reproductive age group, bleeds each month, as a result of hormonal changes taking place in the body.

While there is significant difference in the amount of blood loss during the cycle or the duration of the cycle, some females may complain of slow menstrual bleeding. On an average, a female may bleed for five days each month and may have a total blood loss of about 60-80 ml.

Though it may be very difficult to judge if one suffers from slow menstrual bleeding, females having periods that are shorter than three days or are associated with minimal bleeding, in the form of spotting, can be considered to be suffering from hypomenorrhea.

What Causes slow Menstrual Bleeding?

There are a wide range of causes that can contribute to slow, scanty or short menstrual bleeding,

  • Genetics plays a crucial role in slow menstrual bleeding. It is commonly observed among daughters, sisters and close cousins.
  • Use of hormonal contraceptives or intrauterine contraceptive devices can be associated with slow menstrual bleeding. Though this is not a common feature, it is considered to be one of the side effects.
  • Menopause or peri-menopause is also considered to alter the pattern of bleeding and contribute to slow menstrual bleeding.
  • Other disorders that can cause slow menstrual bleeding include the asherman’s syndrome and polycystic ovarian disease.
  • Obesity or low body weight can both contribute to slow menstrual bleeding.
  • Nutritional deficiencies like anemia or vitamin deficiency can also lead to slow menstrual bleeding.

Home Remedies for Slow Menstrual Bleeding

Not all cases of slow menstrual bleeding need to be treated. However if slow menstrual bleeding contributes to infertility or is associated with obesity or weight gain, treatment may be required. Blood tests, sonogram and D&C may be performed in order to identify the exact cause of slow menstrual bleeding. The home remedies and treatment would vary depending upon the cause; however some of the recommended home based treatment options include the following,

  • Include green leafy vegetables and dried nuts like cashew, almonds, etc in your diet. These will help in treatment of anemia or other deficiency disorders contributing the slow menstrual bleeding
  • Avoid using hormonal contraceptives for too long. Understand the options of natural contraception from your gynecologist or family planning advisor.
  • Try to lose weight. Include foods that are high in dietary fiber like oats, whole grain, bran, etc in your diet. This will help lose weight quickly.
  • Homeopathic drugs like pulsatilla and sepia are considered very useful in management of slow menstrual periods.


  1. yonela

    I had sex with my husband and then 2 days later I menstruated for about 3 days and it stopped for one day. On the 5th day I had a slow and little menstruation with a lot of abdominal pains. Could I be pregnant or what can be the other reason?

  2. ASD

    I am suffering from hypomenorrhea due to anovulation. Can somebody please help me by giving some home remedy?

  3. Feli

    My menstruation comes too early from my expected date. I did not expect it because it is 4 days earlier based on the pills that I have taken. Also I have noticed that it is very slow and it stops immediately. The color is not red but a little bit dirty somewhat little bit blackish.
    I want to know what causes it and am I pregnant even though I am using contraceptive pills?

  4. Bety

    My menstruation comes very very slow and only for two days. Only one sanitary pad is enough. Please tell me what the problem can be and what are the remedies for it?

  5. Honey

    My menstruation comes very very slow on first two days and then stops. From third day there are only few drops. It like that for last five months. I can’t understand what can be the problem. Can any one help me please?

  6. Revel

    I am using contraceptive for more than 10 years. I am still single and no kids. Please help me and give me some advice. My period is getting slow and this month I was expecting that it will be red but it is brown in color.

  7. S M

    My menstruation is very slow and less. On first day it normal but next it is very slow and on 3rd day there is nothing. Please suggest me what should I do?

  8. Mary

    My menstruation comes very slow and I have lot of pains on my waist and lower part of the abdomen. Menstruation lasts for only for two days. Only one sanitary pad is enough. Please tell me what the problem can be and what are the remedies for it?

  9. Navro

    My menstruation is very slow only few drops and then stops and then few drops again. I have done pregnancy testing but the result is negative. What can be the cause of this problem?

  10. Jocelyn

    My menstruation is very slow, only on first day it is normal but very slow on second day and I feel pain in my lower back. It stops on third day. I am using contraceptive pills for last four years. Can anybody tell me what could be the problem and its remedies?

  11. Liza

    Same thing has happened with me. For last two months my period is very slow. I don’t even use a pad. I am taking contraceptive for last two years until. Can anybody please tell me some home remedies for this problem?

  12. Drees

    I have not witnessed this before, my period starts very slowly and it is not red in color and has a slight odor. Also both my nipples are paining. What can be the cause? Please suggest me some remedies for this problem.

  13. Agnes

    I want to know why does my period last for one or two days, I used only two napkin pads for my period. I am just worried if I have any problem.
    I used pills for last two years and sometimes I take it when my husband is here.

  14. Nats

    I am 45 years old and nervous about my menstrual flow. For about the past 8 months it has been weird, coming expectantly, very heavy, sometimes light, spotting or don’t come at all. My situation now is I have been having spots here and there since last week of June? One day it will seem like I am about to have normal flow then the next it seems like the end of my menstrual cycle.
    What causes this type of cycle and is any treatment needed? I was told it is due because of my age and stress level.

  15. Nolz

    I have skipped my periods last month and this month also. When the periods come they are slow and also brown in color. Please help me I am so worried.

  16. Naledi

    I had two periods in one month last month and this month only one. My periods are always dark on the first day but on 2nd, 3rd and 4th day it is red and light. On the 5th day it starts to be brown. Is this normal? I have pain and my back feels hot.

  17. Mercy

    For last two months now I have been having slow menstruation period. The blood is sometimes dark and thick with lot of cramping. Sometimes it stops after two days and then again starts on the 4th day and end the next day. I menstruated twice last month and it was a slow period.

  18. Benita

    My menstruation is very slow and less. On the first day it is normal but next day it is very slow and on third day there is no bleeding. Please suggest me what should I do?

  19. Margie

    I am married and using contraceptive for more than five years now. My periods are getting slower every month. I was expecting that it will be red but it is darker in color. The pads have some spots only. Please help me and give me some advice.

  20. Kenny

    I am 44 years woman and I don’t have any children yet. My mensuration has been very slow lately and I am so scared. Does it mean that my menopause is about to start. Can I still get pregnant?

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