How to Reduce Swollen Abdomen after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

A tummy tuck is still one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that people undergo to make themselves sexier and more appealing to others. However, not all procedures go well, with no complications whatsoever. There are times when the site where the tummy tuck was performed will become swollen.

Swelling after Tummy Tuck

  • Having a swollen abdomen after a tummy tuck can be dangerous and frustrating. It is frustrating because, after all, the patient got a tummy tuck to flatten the abdomen in the first place.
  • It is also quite dangerous because the fluid that collects inside that swollen pouch can actually poison the body in the long run, if left unchecked.
  • Thus, it is very important to be always vigilant and watch for various complications and side effects that could occur.

How Long does Swollen Abdomen take to Recover from Tummy Tuck

  • It is also important not to leave occurrences of side effects as merely side effects that might go away by themselves. This is often not the case. So, when swelling is observed, the patient should be taken to a doctor as soon as possible even if the swollen belly is not painful at all.
  • Of course, there is always a chance that the swelling will simply subside over time. However, it is best not to be overconfident that this will be the case.
  • Swelling could last from as fast as a few weeks to several months after the procedure. The easiest way to shorten the length of the patient’s suffering is to provide treatment or corrective surgery, if necessary.

Reducing Swelling after Tummy Tuck

  • The best thing to reduce the swelling is to have the doctor drain whatever fluids might have collected in the area.
  • Some patients reported that the swelling just subsided on their own, though.
  • Often, using compression garments can go a long way in preventing swelling from happening.
  • Also, it is a very idea to take a rest so as to keep the body healthy.

How to Reduce Swelling after Tummy Tuck

  • To help reduce the swelling, patients might want to wear tight fitting clothes to prevent the pockets from filling with more water or other fluids.
  • Of course, the doctor could always drain the fluid to make the swelling go down fast.
  • Some medications may be provided, especially if complications arise, including infections that could accompany the swelling.

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