How to Reduce or Suppress Appetite Naturally at Home?

How to Reduce Appetite Naturally

Reducing the appetite naturally takes time and discipline. For those who want sustained weight loss, a complete revamping of old unhealthy eating habits must be done. Old habits must be replaced in favor of healthier eating and filling choices. Starvation should never be used as a method to lose weight because this will eventually make the body’s metabolism go into hibernation. There are available food choices that contain naturally occurring appetite reduction and weight loss ingredients. The following are means to suppress appetite naturally:

  • Take time to think about the needed lifestyle change.
    Plan daily menus. A trip to the market or grocer will help in determining local natural food that can be stocked.
  • Remove unhealthy choices from the kitchen and house. This way, there will be no temptations and excuses that will get you off track.
  • Increase water intake. Drinking water at regular intervals will help keep cravings at bay.
  • Skipping meals is a bad practice. Breakfasts should be eaten as this would reduce the craving to eat more during the day. There are studies that eating an egg at breakfast made overweight people eat less on lunch and dinner. Light snacks or meals should be enjoyed every 2 to 3 hours. This reduces the possibility of engaging in binge eating.
  • Increasing the fiber in the diet will help wear off the cravings. Fullness is prolonged by the fiber’s bulk-forming capabilities. Drink lots of water when increasing fiber intake, especially for people who are taking fiber supplements. Water helps the easy passage of fiber through the gastric tract. Fiber can be found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grain and seeds.
  • Drink tea. Tea infusions, especially those with high pectin content are known to decrease appetite naturally.
    A good example is green tea which not only a healthy option to other fattening beverages, it’s also an antioxidant as well.
  • Heavily processed meals should be avoided. Foods rich in carbohydrates should be eaten very rarely and in moderation.
  • Vitamin B3 is a known appetite suppressant.
  • Salt should be used sparingly when seasoning meals. Spices can be utilized for this purpose. Salt causes water to be trapped in the body, causing a bloated feeling.

All in all, weight loss should be facilitated through good balance of exercise and the proper food choices. This will make losing weight easier and have a lasting effect.

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