Easiest Way To Remove Fiberglass From Skin: Treatment Options

Fiberglass is a substance which comprises of plastic matrix which is reinforced by glass fibers. The advantage of fiberglass is that it is very cheap, lightweight and extremely strong. Further fiberglass is less brittle compared to glass. Given the unique properties of the material, fiberglass embedded into the skin can be tricky to deal with. If fiberglass gets embedded in the skin, it can get infected and further result in an abscess or pustule.

How To Remove Fiberglass Splinters From Skin?

Here are some simple home based techniques that can help remove fiberglass from skin.

However, the efficacy of these techniques would often depend upon how deep the fiberglass is embedded into the skin.

  • Apply a cold compress for a couple of minutes at the site followed by warm compress. The cold compress would help close the pores and prevent the fiberglass from getting deeper into the skin. The hot compress then will open up the pores and release the fiber quickly. Note that don’t use too warm water, as it can open the pores up considerable and result in the fiberglass getting embedded deeper into the skin.
  • If the first technique doesn’t work well, try using Epsom salts to draw the pieces of fiber out. Add a spoon of Epsom salt to a bucket of boiling water. Allow the salt to dissolve in the water and then soak the affected area for about 15 minutes. Following this rinse the skin thoroughly with cold water to remove the glass from the skin.
  • Alternatively use a duct tape to remove the fiberglass. Use this technique with caution and only if you can see the fiberglass, embedded in your skin. Apply the duct tape on the affected area and ensure that the fiberglass sticks to the tape.
    Now quickly rip off the tape. This technique can be painful since it can also lead to ripping off a few hairs around the site.
  • One can use tweezers, if you can see the end of the fiberglass, embedded in the skin. Ensure that the tweezers are clean and sterile before using them, to avoid secondary infection. Don’t apply too much force while using the tweezers as it may lead to breaking of the fiberglass. One can also assist the removal of the pieces by systematically massaging the tissue around the wound, to push the pieces upwards.

Treatment For Fiberglass In Skin

Homeopathy can be very useful in such a situation. Take homeopathic drug Hepar Sulph in low potency, repeated about five times in a day. This will help suppuration and result in the fiber glass getting expelled naturally along with the pustule formed. Hepar sulph is also often known as the surgeon knife. This remedy would typically take about a day or two to act. Consult a homeopathic doctor before using this remedy since an infection can complicate matters.

In case the fiberglass is deeply embedded in the skin, it becomes imperative to consult a physician. Physicians would typically assess the depth of the wound and decide on whether to incise (cut) and drain the wound. Especially, if the fiberglass is embedded on multiple locations, an antibiotic cover becomes essential since such wounds are likely to get infected.

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  1. Wayne

    I have had fiberglass embedded in knuckle on back of finger for about 12 months. It is inflamed and very sensitive. I had been to my doctor and hand surgeon but without success. The surgeon took two biopsies to check for cancer which proved negative. He prescribed cortisone cream, still no improvement. Neither my doctor or surgeon have any suggestions to cure it.

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