Popping Out Of Veins On Hands And Legs: Its Causes And Treatment

Veins popping out in hands and legs for body builders may be a matter of pride. But for a normal man, it may be a tell tale sign of aging process, which he may not like to reveal. Popping veins is nothing new, it simply means that veins are more visible. These veins are superficial; they just lie below the skin. Deeper veins even if they become enlarged or bulge out, are not visible as they are situated deep inside the muscles and tissues.

Veins that become tortuous and pop in the lower extremity are called varicose veins of leg.

Varicose veins in leg is associated with symptoms like pain in calf muscles, darkening of skin, ulceration etc. Apart from the organic causes, there are several physiological causes where the superficial veins appear more prominent. In such cases, it is more a cosmetic issue than a health related problem. Let us know the organic and physiologic causes where veins pop and bulge.

What Causes Veins To Pop Out?

Genetics: If your father or mother or any siblings have popping veins, you are likely to have same condition in your body, especially in extremities. Genetics has been associated with popping of veins.

Loss of body fat: with reduction of weight, whether voluntarily or due to disease, the veins become more prominent on the skin surface. This is because the subcutaneous fat which lies just below the skin also reduces with total body fat.

Aging process: as a person ages, the veins loses its elasticity. The valves inside the veins become weak. The blood remains in the veins for a longer period than it should. The pooling of blood for a longer time enlarges the veins and they become more prominent.

Besides, with age the skin also loses it elasticity and becomes thin. Both this reasons are responsible for popping of veins. It is body’s natural process and there is no disease involved.

Strength training exercises: those who exercise a lot are known to have bulging veins. Especially if you are a weight lifter, or if you do regular strength training exercise, or if your work requires weight lifting, than your veins easily pop on skin surface. This is associated with hardening of muscles and increase in the blood flow.

If you are a fair skinned individual, the veins look more popped than a person who has dark skin.

There are certain medical conditions that may also give rise to popped veins. They are as follows:

Varicose veins: usually the condition involves legs. In this condition the valves become weak and there is pooling of blood. In some cases, when the veins become delicate, it may burst suddenly leading to bleeding from the vein.

Hormonal imbalance: It usually happens in women. Hormonal imbalance during menopause or during pregnancy may be responsible for popping of veins. Pressure of uterus on the pelvic veins can cause enlarged veins in the legs. They may reduce in size after delivery when the uterus reduces in size.

How To Treat Popped Veins?

Since several conditions are known to cause popped veins, it is necessary to find out whether bulging is simply due to a physiological process or due to any underlying disease condition.

  • If it is exercise induced bulging, the popped veins will naturally become normal and no treatment is necessary.
  • When it is associated with genetics, then too you cannot do much unless you opt for some procedures such as laser treatment etc.
  • Popping of veins due to varicosity of veins needs medical attention. An elastocrepe bandage wrapped around the limb or invasive surgery or laser therapy may be choice of treatment.
  • Eat healthy food which contains vitamins and minerals. They are helpful to maintain skin and vein elasticity.


  1. DP

    I am a healthy lady of 40 years and since my teenage the veins of my hands are visible. My arms are smooth and solid but from elbows has turned slim and veins pop out when they are in lower position but when lifted upwards they are not seen. Otherwise my body is proportionate. I want to get rid of this ugliness please help me. When I was young I was doing exercises involving arms. Can it be due to that?

  2. Jessie

    Early morning while I am in deep sleep the veins in the calf of my legs pop out and I have to jump out of bed and massage it. I don’t know why does this happen? I am a care giver and taking care of a lady who is paralyzed on her left side. Please help me with this problem.

  3. Dey

    Just 5 days of light weight training exercise makes my veins prominent and popped out. I immediately stopped exercising. I want to know how many days it will take to go off and do I need to consult any doctor?

  4. Jenni

    I have large veins pop out in my legs and on my arms without even doing any exercise or getting my blood pressure up. I am very much concerned about this. I hope it is not heart related. do Do you have any info on this?

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