What Causes Ingrown Underarm Hair? Home Remedies For Its Removal

Keeping the underarm hair-free and smooth is many people’s choice. Especially, women who wear sleeveless dress often prefer to shave or wax their underarm hairs. However, problems arising from shaving or waxing underarm hairs are sometime not only pesky and irritating, but often a cause for infection in the armpits.

Actually, this problem is caused due to few strands of ingrown underarm hairs. Generally the problem may arise few days after underarm hair removal. Few painful and itchy red bumps may develop in the underarm.

Ingrown hair develops usually after recent shaving of hairs.

An ingrown hair occurs when the hair continues to grow, but curls back into the hair follicle or the hair may remain embedded inside the skin when it grows. This abnormal growth of hair in another direction causes irritation and inflammation in the skin giving rise to development of red bumps at the site.

Although not a dangerous problem, ingrown hair in underarm is definitely annoying, especially constant friction at the site due to rubbing of clothes and moving of arm. The condition may be more aggravating when you use deodorants. Some of the factors that may trigger ingrown hair in armpit include;

  • If you are having curly hair, you are at a greater risk of suffering from ingrown hairs.
  • If there is excessive build up of dead skin cells in the skin.
  • If there is lack of moisture in armpit.
  • Hairs in the armpit are stiff and hard.
  • Wrong technique of shaving.

Home Remedies For Underarm Ingrown Hair Removal

In most cases, an ingrown hair improves after few days; however it may be necessary to treat the condition if it causes pain and irritation or the area becomes susceptible to infection.

  • The first thing that has to be done is to clean the area with warm water and soap. This will help to remove dust particles and sweat from your underarms.
  • Now do hot water compresses on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. You can add little salt in warm water to make the area softer. Softening of the area will allow easy removal of the ingrown hair. Follow this procedure 2 to 3 times in a day.
  • Next step is to use a sterilized needle which is available in medical store. Use it gently to pull out the ingrown hair from the underarm. Pull out the ingrown hair only if you see it above the skin. Do not try to prick the needle inside the skin to remove the hair, as it may irritate the skin and may become a source of infection.
  • Once the end of ingrown hair is out, do not try to pluck the hair.

If you do not want to follow this procedure, you may find relief from natural remedies in following way:

  • Apply a solution of vinegar diluted in water. This will reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin.
  • You can also apply coconut oil or lavender oil or chamomile oil on the area.
  • An oatmeal solution can be used to reduce itching.
  • Also apply a puree made from cucumber and cup of milk over the area to get relief from itching. Wash the application after 10 minutes.
  • To prevent infection, you can apply antibiotic ointment in the underarm.
  • Do not try to shave or wax the area around the ingrown hair as there is chance of developing more ingrown hairs as well as spread of infection.
  • Avoid using deodorant and antiperspirants when there is ingrown hair; instead follow routine gently hygienic measures to clean the area.

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