Thinning Skin Causes And Home Remedies: Treatment For Thin Skin

Our skin becomes thin with age due to certain undesirable changes on the skin. There are a multitude of other reasons that make the skin thin too and we can control many of them. What’s more these can be prevented when we are young. Following a regular skin care routine and shielding your skin from the harsh effects of sun and pollution can help you maintain a good skin for a long, long time.

What Causes Thinning Of The Skin?

  • Age is the chief cause for thinning of the skin. With age, the fatty layer in the skin tends to lessen.
    Elastin and collagen, the support system of the skin become weak and the skin becomes thin and sags.
  • Sun damage is another significant cause. Loss of collagen is speeded up when your skin is exposed to the UV rays of the sun, and this makes the skin thin.
  • Dry skin is a lot more vulnerable to thinning than a skin that is well moisturized.
  • Also, one who consumes inadequate amounts of protein tends to have a thinner skin.
  • Certain medications, such as topical or oral corticosteroids, weaken and deteriorate the skin’s blood vessels and affect the skin adversely. Steroids speed up thinning of the skin.
  • Certain disorders and medical conditions cause the skin to become thin, these are: Frohlich syndrome, growth hormone receptor deficiency, Ehler’s-Danlos syndrome, Cushing syndrome, Cockayne Syndrome, adrenal cancer, and Fontaine-Farriaux-Blanckaert Syndrome.
  • Genetics too plays a role in thinning of the skin.

Treatment And Home Remedies For Skin Thinning

The following guidelines will help protect your skin from further damage and thinning:

  • Care for your skin. Protect it from the injurious effects of the sun. Use a good sun block and cover up when in the sun. Shades for the eyes and a scarf are definitely recommended.
    Those who have a very sensitive skin should opt for long sleeves so as to shield from the harsh UV rays. Also, make sure, you keep your skin well hydrated.
  • Mix pure Camellia seed oil and Lavender essential oil with a carrier oil such as almond oil or wheat germ oil. Use this blend daily to massage your skin. It protects and nourishes your skin effectively.
  • Make sure your diet has adequate amounts of fish oil or flax seeds. These keep your skin hydrated and also strengthen collagen.
  • Incorporate loads of vitamin E, vitamin A and vitamin C rich foods in your daily menu. These are the skin vitamins which helps keep your skin looking younger and healthy.
  • Furthermore, you ought to be aware of drugs / medicines and medical conditions that damage and weaken your skin and cause bleeding and impairment to skin blood vessels. Talk to your doctor in case you are on to medications.

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