Sudden Rash And Itching On Face: Home Remedies For Facial Rashes

Your face is the most exposed area of the body. Sudden face rash is not only annoying and disturbing, but it is also painful in many cases. Burning pain, itchiness, redness is common accompanying symptom with sudden face rash. There may be many causes for sudden facial rash; it can be as trivial as a mosquito bite or as severe as bacterial infection.

There are many attributing reasons responsible for rash on face. If rashes develop on your face, it is necessary to find the reason behind it, before you find a cure for the rash.

Causes Of Sudden Rash On Face

Here are some of the main reasons for sudden rash on your face; we will begin with the simple and most common causes for sudden rash on face.

  • Insect bite: most often a mosquito bite on face may cause sudden stinging and burning pain together with itching and red bump on the face. Burning and red bump may remain for some time before it fades out on its own. Often, you may not any treatment as the condition is self healing.
  • Viral diseases of childhood: measles and chickenpox are common causes of rash on face during childhood. Though rare in western countries, thanks to MMR vaccine, however, it is still prevalent in many parts of the world. At the onset of measles, tiny red eruptions appear on the face and trunk, which spreads all over the body within few hours. Itching, cough, sore throat, and fever are accompanying symptoms of measles. In chickenpox, tiny fluid filled vesicles appear on the face and trunk and limbs. After a week or ten days, they dry and the crusts fall off leaving scars. Both are contagious disease.
  • Acne: are small red eruptions on the face that may or may not be painful.
    Acne develops when the pores are blocked due to excess of oil in and dirt in the skin pores. Bacterial infections supervene and result into pustules.
  • Allergies: cosmetic allergy, hair dye allergy, drug allergy, and food allergy are some of the common causes for appearance of sudden rash on the face.
  • Eczema (atopic dermatitis): atopic dermatitis is often observed amongst children, the exact cause is not known, but it often associated with allergic reaction to certain chemicals present in soaps and detergents. Sometimes it runs in families. These rashes are often itchy and painful.
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus SLE: red patch on the cheeks and on the nose in the form of butterfly rash appears on the face. SLE is a disease resulting from impaired immune system. The rash becomes more severe if you spend more time in the sun. Sudden rash on face due to lupus is more common in women than in men.
  • Herpes zoster: it is a viral disease very painful and burning, which results into fluid filled cluster of vesicles over the branch of trigeminal nerve. Usually the rash appears on one side of the face. Acute symptoms subside after 7 to 8 days even without treatment, however antiviral medicines reduces the course and severity of the illness.

Natural Home Remedies For Facial Rashes

In most cases of rash on face, symptoms such as itching and burning can cause lot of discomfort. Besides taking conventional medicines, you can also try certain home remedies that are harmless.

One such home remedy is aloe vera gel. Application of aloe vera gel on the rashes will give relief from itching and also soothe your skin and keep it moist.

You can also apply calamine lotion generously on the face skin to relieve itching and burning caused by mosquito bite or an allergy.

In certain cases such as bacterial infection to prevent further spread of rash and complication you may be prescribed antibiotics.

Cleaning your face in a gentle manner is very important part of treatment to prevent further irritation and swelling when you have sudden rash on your face. Instead of commercially made facial cleansers, use warm water to clean your face. Use your fingers to clean rather than using sponge to clean your face.

Cool compresses on the face helps to reduce pain, swelling and itching of sudden rash on face. Use a soft cloth to cold compress, as it may not aggravate the already angry looking red rash.


  1. DP

    I have suddenly developed red rashes on my cheeks. I am not on medication nor any insect bite nor visited to any unusual foreign places. I don’t have fever neither used any cosmetics and have no irritation on face only all of a sudden I had these rashes. What could be the reason? Please help me out with some treatment.

  2. DM

    I am 25 years old female and I am suffering from itchy rashes on my neck. I have tried different types of ointments but it is still there. Kindly help me with some effective treatment for the same.

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