Home Remedies For Split Fingers: Causes Of Split Skin On Fingertips

Split finger is extremely painful condition. Split finger is simply defined as cracks and fissures on your fingertips and fingers. The pain of split fingers is quite discomforting, especially when you do some work with your hands. If there are large fissures and cracks on your fingers, you may find difficulty in writing or even holding a pen; leave alone your household work.

Finding suitable environment, fungus infection sets in the cracks and fissures of your fingertips. The same fungus is responsible for cracks and fissures on your soles and in between your toes, on the ear lobes or on the lips.

If you are suffering from split fingers, there is high risk of secondary bacterial infection, thus it becomes necessary for you to take measures to cure it as soon as possible.

Split fingers are commonly seen among old people, housewives, maid servants, and people associated working with dyes and chemicals. Let us know why your fingers get split and how you treat them at home.

What Causes Split Skin On Fingers?

Several reasons contribute for your finger tips to split.

Sudden change in environmental temperature can affect your circulation, more so on your finger tips. If you are exposed to dry cold air during winter and suddenly you put your hands in front of a fire place to feel the heat, the tiny vessels on your fingers may not dilate so soon. This may lead to dryness and loss of elasticity on the finger skin and ultimately they crack. When the cracked fingertips come in contact with fungus during work, it slips in and multiplies. Elderly individuals who have poor blood circulation are more vulnerable to split fingers due to change in temperature.

Some individuals having split fingers have similar problem in their family.

So split finger cause can be hereditary.

  • Hormonal changes during menopause, pregnancy can give rise to cracks and fissure on the finger tips.
  • Malnourishment and deficiency of vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin A accelerates the process.
  • If you are staying in damp place or work in damp surrounding, chances of fungus infection increases. Fungus survives and multiplies in damp places.
  • Diseases such as eczema, psoriasis can cause split fingers. Bleeding is often present from the cracks and fissures on your fingers as a result of eczema on the fingers.
  • Contact dermatitis: it is very common among females and maid servants who come in contact with detergents and soaps. People working closely with chemicals and petroleum products are also vulnerable to split finger problem.

Home Remedies For Cracked And Split Fingers

  • Split fingers bleed easily due to dryness. It is necessary to keep them sufficiently moisturized; readily available petroleum jelly keeps your fingers greasy as well as allows the finger tips to heal.
  • An ointment containing natural citronella oil is proven home remedy for treating split finger. This is because citronella oil is an effective fungicidal. Apply it daily at night time before sleeping.
  • You can also apply aloe vera gel. It helps to relieve the condition within a week or two.
  • Udder cream: yes a cream used for preventing chapping in cattle, especially cows. Udder cream has proven effective in treating split fingers in humans.
  • If contact dermatitis is the cause for split fingers, use hand gloves while you are working with irritants that cause your fingertips to split.
  • Improve your immunity; it helps to fight the fungus infection. Eat vitamin rich food, eat generously antioxidant rich fruits, avoid smoking, and drinking alcohol.
  • Drink enough water so that your skin does not lose its elasticity and it remains well hydrated.

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