Small Red Spots On Skin: Causes And Natural Ways To Remove Them

Small red spots on skin is a very common disease that afflicts people of all ages. They can appear overnight or develop over a period of time, based on the underlying disease. The spots usually appear as dots in size and may spread over a small or sizable area on any part of the body.

Depending on the cause these red spots on skin can be painful and itchy, flat or raised and vary in color from light pink to bright red. Though harmless they may at times be a sign of a serious disease such as leukemia.

What Are The Causes Of Small Red Spots On Skin?

Red spots on skin are caused by end number of different disorders and conditions. It may be a sign of inflammation in the body. Likewise it may be caused by an infection or insect bites.

The following conditions may cause red spots on skin:

  • Fungal infection
  • Meningitis
  • Strep infection
  • Roseola
  • Viral diseases, such as rubella, measles, and chickenpox.

Parasite or insect causes of red spots

Insect bites can also cause small red spots on the skin. Some such dangerous insects include:

  • Bedbugs
  • Lice
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes

Red spots are also caused by allergy. Drug, food, animal and other environmental allergens can cause rash or red spots.

There are other causes of red spots on skin as well. These include broken blood vessels, choking or strangulation, overexposure to sun or heat, sarcoidosis etc. Some life-threatening causes of red spots include Meningitis, Leukemia etc.

Red spots on skin are accompanied by some skin-related symptoms. These include irritation, itching, pain, scaling, pustules, rash and swelling.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Small Red Spots On Skin

Home remedies can be the best medication to manage red spots on skin. Some common home stuff that can be used includes:

  1. Honey
  2. Brewed chamomile tea bags
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Cucumber
  5. Yoghurt
  6. Lavender oil
  7. Clay
  • Place cucumber slices directly on the affected region.
    It helps to cool and remove redness. You can also use cucumber pastes.
  • Honey serves as a natural remedy because of its anti-inflammatory properties. If the reason for red spots is anything but sunburn you can apply honey liberally to red skin, leave it on for about half an hour before washing it off.
  • If the redness of skin is because of sunburn, applying a mixture of gel from an aloe vera plant, cider vinegar and white vinegar can be pretty helpful.
  • Coconut oil is also well known for its antioxidant properties and can also help to reduce red skin.
  • While you try out home remedies it’s important to avoid all triggers that make the redness worse. This means you should at all costs give up smoking, consuming caffeine or eating too much of hot and spicy foods.

Despite trying out home remedies small red spots on skin can refuse to go. If the spots resist these remedies you should head straight to the dermatologists chamber to identify the primary cause and start the right treatment.

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