What Causes Red Blotches on Face and How to Get Rid of it?

Red blotches on face are difficult to hide; camouflaging it with makeup is not a true solution. The ultimate aim is to find a true cause for this nasty and embarrassing skin condition. Depending on the underlying cause, blotches on face can sting and burn; sometimes there may be irresistible itching sensation, especially with touch or exposure to ultraviolet sunrays. For this reason, those who suffer from red blotches should try and treat the condition at the earliest, or at least try to minimize sun exposure to prevent further aggravation.

There are numerous possibilities for appearance of red blotches on face.

The most common cause is an allergic reaction to a beauty product that you are using on your face. Do not keep blind faith on any beauty product even if it a branded one. First test the product by applying it on skin surface other than your face. Wait for a while and see if it causes any allergic reaction such as redness, burning and eruption on skin surface.

It is not only with the beauty product, allergic reaction on face can be due to touch of some article that may not suit to your skin (Soaps, detergents, inset bite) or food that you eat (wheat, meat, eggs, chocolates)or even if you inhale smoke and dust.

Sometimes a person suffering from Rosacea, a genetically related condition where the skin of face is very thin might become red and blotchy by simple blushing. The condition is more prevalent among fair skinned individuals.

Exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet ray, extreme cold or heat is also responsible for formation of red blotches on face and neck.

Medications such as birth control pills, antibiotics etc can cause allergic reaction that may cause red blotches not only on your face, but on your neck and different parts of the body.

Red blotches on face can be one of the symptoms of diseases such as psoriasis and eczema.

A red blotch is the first indication before the full blown chickenpox rash.

How to Get Rid of Red Blotches on Face

  • If the red blotches are itching and irritating, the best option is to apply cold compression on face. It helps to sooth the itching sensation besides it reduces the inflammation.
  • Sandalwood paste: apply sandalwood paste on your face and keep it for some time until it dries. Prepare sandalwood paste by mixing sandalwood powder and rose water. It relieves burning and itching sensation caused due to red blotches on face. This home remedy is effective in red blotches caused due to bug bite or insect bite or soap and detergent allergy.
  • In case of psoriasis and eczema besides your regular medicines, you have to change your lifestyle and diet. Avoid eating fried and junk food. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Avoid facial cosmetics, use sun protecting cream half an hour before going out. You can also carry an umbrella.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin well hydrated.
  • Oat meal paste: mix oatmeal powder in warm water to a thick consistency till it forms paste. Now apply the paste on your face. Oatmeal paste readily reduces red blotches on your face and also reduces the irritation.
  • Cut your nails short and avoid scratching on your face. Scratching may result into infection and further complication.

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