Lines On Face From Sleeping: Home Remedies For Wrinkles On Face

Many times you may observe lines on your face after you get up from a sound sleep. When these facial lines and creases become a regular occurrence, they may eventually form wrinkles on your face. Wrinkles are natural phenomenon that occurs as we age. They are creases and lines that occur as a result of weakened skin tissue.

The upper layer of skin which is called epidermis is made up of elasitin and collagen; they both keep your skin smooth and elastic. But as we age, the cells gradually reduce in number and the skin becomes thin.

Continuous pressure can lead to wrinkle formation, especially premature wrinkling. This is what happens when you sleep on your face, for a prolonged time.

Does Sleeping On Your Side Cause Wrinkles?

During daytime the sleep wrinkles go away. But as time passes, they become permanent. If you sleep with your face buried in the pillow, or if one side of your face is lying pressed on the pillow, fine lines appear when you get up in the morning.

Pressure on the face is certainly going to damage the facial skin giving rise to fine lines and creases. This is particularly true on certain part of face, such as a line between the nose and lip folds. Lines may also appear around the eyes as the skin around eyes is delicate and thin. So even if you want to cuddle with your pillows after hard day’s work, avoid pressing your face hard against the pillow.

How To Prevent Sleep Lines On Face?

Wrinkles from sleeping on face may not develop suddenly. It results when you sleep on your face from night after night in the same position, meaning either your face buried in the pillow or on the side of the pillow.

You can avoid sleep lines in first place by frequently changing your sleeping position. Here are some of the ways to avoid sleep lines and the eventual wrinkle formation.

  • Sleep on your back. This is the simplest and most effective way to avoid creases and lines on the face caused due to sleeping.
  • Avoid the use of cotton pillows which are hard: most of us use cotton pillows. Cotton pillows tend to crease if they are pressed too hard. When our face is on the pillow, or sideways, the skin of face gets stretched and pulled due to pressure. If you sleep regularly in that way, as time passes it leads to creases and folds that remain permanently on the face. In such case use soft pillows that can easily fluff and squish. Soft pillows does not press or stretch the facial skin and thus prevents facial line and wrinkles.
  • Use satin pillow covers: choosing a right pillow cover also matters when it comes to prevention of sleep lines. Sleep on silk of satin covers as, the smoothness allows the face to slide on the pillow without giving it much pressure. Thus it helps to minimize the wrinkles.
  • Use of copper microfiber pillow covers: This special pillow covers not only prevents the fine lines on the face after sleeping, but they are effective in reducing the creases and furrows already formed. Copper is known for its collagen stimulating activities. It is therefore useful in controlling and preventing wrinkle formation.

Home Remedies For Wrinkles On Face

Unfortunately, if the wrinkles are already formed on the face and aging is also one of the factors, than you may try to remove them quickly in following ways:

  • Massage: a gentle massage around the wrinkled area or tapping the skin of your face will reduce the wrinkle folds. Following this procedure for number of days will ultimately fade the wrinkles. Massage increases circulation of that area.
  • Exercise such as dancing, jumping or jogging is helpful as it promotes circulation all over the face. The increased blood flow on the face helps to fill the creases when you are sleeping.
  • Superficial wrinkles resulting from sleeping on face can fade when you apply cool tea bags on the fine lines. Caffeine and other antioxidants present will cause the surface skin layer to fill up and fade its appearance.
  • Mash a ripe tomato after peeling out its skin. Apply the tomato pulp on the face and on wrinkle area. Clean the face with tepid water after 10 to 15 minutes.

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