What Are The Causes Of Large Pores On Nose? How To Reduce Them?

Small openings on skin are called as pores through which secretion of sebaceous gland and sweat is released on skin in order to keep skin moist, lubricated and hydrated. Large pores affect the appearance of the person. Large pores can prove to be breeding ground for bacteria and cause pimples.

Some of the common causes of enlarged pores on nose are:

  • Heredity: People whose parents or family members have large pores are likely to have large pores as the size of pores is determined genetically. Usually people with oily skin or having combination skin can have large pores.
    People with dry skin usually have fine pores.
  • Improper skin care can affect the size of the pores or the way they appear. If skin is not exfoliated properly, new cells build up along with old cells. Dust and grit accumulates on the skin and blackheads may result. Due to blackheads, pores may get enlarged.
  • Most of the time, we see that our forehead and nose are more oily than rest of the face. Hence when we step out in the sun or during exercise or after a day’s work these parts become more oily than other areas of face. As a result, more dirt is accumulated in these areas. Nose is the part where it is more likely to have blackheads, thus it has enlarged pores.
  • Due to aging, skin loosens. There is decreased production of elastin and collagen in the skin. This may cause enlarged pores on the nose.
  • Long exposure to sun rays damages our skin. Prolonged exposure to sun rays leads to thickening of the epidermal layer of the skin. Hence more cells form ring around the pores and the pores may appear enlarged.
  • Stress, hormonal changes and environmental changes cause pimples, blemishes etc.
    Due to this, pores can get enlarged.

How To Reduce Large Pores On Nose?

  • Clean your face thoroughly at least three times a day. Get a facial done from a professional expert.
  • At home one can use pore reducing facial wash to cleanse your face. Rub your nose in circular motion with tip of fingers to clean the pores thoroughly.
  • Take steam on face. Take a pan and put some water in it. Let the water boil and put off the gas. Keep your face about one and half feet or at comfortable distance from pan. Cover pan and head with towel. Let steam come to your face. This will open the pores, soften the sebum and collected dirt. Take steam for five minutes. Take care to avoid burns. Use tissue and press your pores little in order to remove build up. Then wash your face again with warm water. Apply homemade facial mask and let it dry. Wash your face again with warm water and pore reducing face wash. Then apply ice cube to nose and face. Gently pat dry your face. Apply little toning lotion on nose with the help of cotton swab.
  • If possible use pore reducing cleanser and toner every day.
  • Exfoliate the skin at least once in fifteen days.

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