Natural Home Cures to Remove Jalapeno Pepper Sting and Skin burn

Jalapeno is one of the hottest in the family of peppers. It has a very high concentration of capsaicin. This chemical compound is responsible for adding flavor and spiciness to food. Still, it is also responsible for burning the skin and mouth of those who come in contact with it.

Jalapeno Pepper Skinburn

  • Jalapeno pepper is known to cause serious stings to those who come in contact with its spicy juices. The skinburn can range from mild to very serious, depending on how much of the capsaicin came in contact with the skin and how large that affected is.
  • It is always very important to prevent jalapeno burns as much as possible. Thus, when handling jalapeno peppers, use gloves at all times, especially when cutting these red hot peppers.
  • Remember, skinburns from jalapeno are very painful. The stinging sensation also becomes worse the longer the skin is in contact with the oil.

Natural Cures to Remove Jalapeno Sting

  • Finding the right remedy will help remove the sting felt from the jalapeno pepper oils. Do not attempt to apply anything on the site unless it is already established that it can help remove the sting. Remember, the cream or medication might react more with the pepper, causing more complications.
  • First, try to remove the oil by using cotton dipped in alcohol.
  • Then, apply any of the following on the affected area:
    • Ice cream
    • Sour cream
    • Cottage cheese
    • Yogurt
    • Cold milk
    • Vegetable oil
    • Olive oil
  • Also, to ease the hot, burning feeling, try the following:
    • Drink milk
    • Drink lemon juice
    • Drink water mixed with sugar.
    • Drink alcoholic beverages to dissolve the capsaicin oil.
    • Drink coconut milk.
    • Eat some cucumber.
    • Eat some raw carrots.
    • Eat some chocolates.
    • Eat a banana
    • Eat an apple
    • Eat a lemon wedge.
    • Try some honey.

How to Relief Skin Burn from Jalapeno Pepper

  • Capsaicin is an oil.
    Thus, it is difficult to use water to remove it from the skin. In fact, if the oil has already stuck on the skin, no amount of water will remove it. Use alcohol instead.
  • White toothpaste may also be applied on the affected area to help modulate the heat and remove the sting.
  • “Wash” the affected area with carbohydrates and starchy food such as potato, bread, or rice.

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