Causes Of Itching All Over Body After Showering And Its Treatment

A shower generally cleans the body and the skin. There are few people who actually develop an allergic reaction after a shower. Such people have to bear itching all over the body after showering. This itchy reaction can be caused by a number of factors.  If you have suffered this, you know how uncomfortable it can get.

It could be an allergic reaction to something you are using like a new soap or a shampoo. If you notice hives after your shower, you are most certainly allergic to something in your shower.

Change it to find out what is not suiting you. Avoid itching wet skin as it can lead to injuries.

Why Does My Skin Itch After A Shower?

Occasionally your body might react to the water temperature. The best way is to have tepid water showers. Very hot showers are liable to strip your skin’s natural oils, drying your skin more than necessary. Sometimes the itching can happen due to hard water that leaves a film of soap on your skin. Getting a water softener is a good remedy.

Contact dermatitis and aquagenic pruritus are two skin conditions that can also cause itching after a shower. Contact dermatitis is basically an allergic reaction, so if it is a recent development change your habits to what they were when the itching wasn’t there.

Aquagenic pruritus is basically an allergic reaction to water. This skin condition causes intense and severe itching due to water and makes having a shower an ordeal. You usually cannot see the lesions on the skin in this condition.

Treatment For Itching After Taking Bath

There are different treatment options for aquagenic pruritus. You can get medicated creams that contain capsaicin. These creams can remedy the intense itching.

There are treatments with phototherapy using filtered UVB lights that can reduce the intensity of this allergy.

You can also try the application of rich emollients, creams and baby oil before and after a bath. The creams and oil help the skin to, in a way, resist the water.  Sometimes using a shower cream while in a shower also helps. It is important to not aggravate the skin. Some people suffering from this condition also take mild antihistamines to be able to just have a bath.

Unbalanced diets and environment allergens can also cause itchy skin while having a bath. Making sure that you change as little as possible in your daily hygiene can make a difference in dealing with itchy or irritated skin from a bath.

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