Following are the Natural Home made Remedies for Skin Whitening

People from different races are born with varying kinds of skin pigmentation, hence the difference in the color of their skin. However, over the past few years, people have become interested in lightening their color, making them look for various methods of skin whitening. There are different methods of lightening one’s skin, and although there are certain cosmetic procedures, there are some that can be done at home via some home remedies.

What are the Main Causes for Darkening of Skin

Naturally light skinned people, such as Caucasians, can darken their skin quite quickly especially when exposed to the heat of the sun.

This is the primary cause of skin darkening, which is fine for most people especially if the change is not drastic. Common reasons for skin darkening include:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Skin disorders – conditions such as Lichen Simplex Chronicus occurs when thick dark patches of skin are developed after severe itching.
  • Exposure to the harsh rays of the sun without the use of sun block.
  • Heredity – in most cases, those who have dark skin often have children who have dark skin.

Natural Home Remedies for Skin Whitening

While there are a lot of commercialized methods of whitening skin, there could be certain chemicals that have been included in the commercialized mixtures that may be harmful for some people. For those who do want to lighten their skin, they can do so in the comforts of their home, without having to spend a lot by simply using things that they can find at home. Below are some of the methods a person can whiten his or her skin without spending so much:

  • Use lemon for natural bleaching by applying it with a cotton ball on the face and neck. It may also be added with rose water. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Lemon may also be mixed with honey or almond oil.
  • Make a mixture of oatmeal and curd, and add tomato juice. Apply it on the face and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then rinse with water.
  • A solution of water and white vinegar, both of equal amounts, can also be applied to the skin for five to ten minutes. After that, rinse.
  • Orange peels are good for skin whitening too. Have them dried under the sun and grind. Mix it with curd or milk. Apply the paste to the face and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Rinse it with water afterwards. This can also remove blemishes on the skin.
  • Using Kojic acid. This acid originated from Japan, and is known as a rice fermentation byproduct. It is a main ingredient in most skin whitening lotions and creams.

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