Symptoms Of Facial Warts And Natural Home Remedies To Remove Warts

Warts are small hard growths on the outer layer of the skin caused due to human papilloma virus. Warts are generally harmless, they can appear anywhere on the body but mostly they grow on fingers, hand, legs and on the face. Though they are harmless, most people want to get rid of the warts especially when they appear on the exposed areas such as face and back of hands.

Warts can be differentiated in several types, depending on their locations. Most warts are skin colored; yellow or grayish brown having smooth or rough surface.

Warts on face can appear in group or as single wart. Usually flat warts and filliform warts are found on the face.

Flat warts are very small in size and multiple in numbers in a particular area of the face. They can appear as pink warts, light brown or light yellow warts. Flat warts generally spread on the face by shaving. They can also spread by cuts and scratches and can be transmitted by direct physical contact with another person.

Filliform warts are elongated projections on the nose, mouth, or on the beard area. They are a type of flat warts having flesh color. Usually warts on face are painless; however they can become itchy and irritating. The skin lines goes around the warts rather than through them.

Natural Remedies To Remove Facial Warts At Home

A wart on face needs to be treated with an extra care, as it should not leave behind a scar after it has been removed. Several home remedies have been given credence for removing warts on face without causing any scars.

  • Castor oil is the most popular home remedy for removing wart.
    Apply castor oil on the facial wart regularly at night for few days or months. The wart will disappear spontaneously without leaving any scar on the face. Besides castor oil, sesame oil is another effective home remedy for dissolving wart on face.
  • Potato juice or a slice of potato: rub the juice or raw potato slice on the wart for few minutes regularly for few days, potato has tendency to dissolve the wart without any side effects such as a scar.
  • Aloe vera gel: it is a natural remedy for treating warts on face. Although it may take some more time to treat a wart on face, aloe vera is considered to be a safe remedy for the facial skin. Apply fresh gel derived by cutting the aloe plant or you can apply gel available commercially. Keep on applying daily at least two to three times in a day till the wart reduces in size and ultimately vanishes.
  • Applying juice of figs on the wart is not so popular method for removing warts, but it is a time tested method by many naturopaths. Extract the juice from an unripe fig and apply it on the wart regularly. After few days warts on face will off without leaving any scars. While applying the juice, take care not to apply it on the skin area other than a wart.
  • Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E oil is another top rated treatment for warts. Apply vitamin E oil regularly on the warts; it helps to dry up a wart.
  • Many warts on the face have disappeared after applying table salt. Cover the wart with moist table salt and a band- aid. Remove the band aid next morning and repeat the procedure.
  • One of the most effective remedy in homeopathy for warts on face is Thuja. Apply thuja mother tincture on the warts regularly. After few days the wart will shrivel and fall off.

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