Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: Causes, Symptoms And Remedies

Upper respiratory tract infection or RTI is a non-specific medical term that denotes infection in the nose, throat or sinus. These types of infection are generally characterized by symptoms of common cold and are mostly caused by virus. Yet, in some cases, bacteria are also found responsible for triggering such infections.

Though these types of infections can occur to anyone, it is more common among children who usually tend to have a weak immune system. While children are more susceptible to upper respiratory tract infection, adults mostly get lower respiratory tract infection, which affects lungs, throats, airways and can cause serious complications.

Symptoms Of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Wheezing and running nose are among the most common symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection. Besides these, patients affected with this condition may sneeze often and can even get a sore throat.

Stuffiness or nasal congestion, cough, postnasal drip is also experienced by many patients. In some cases, people may also get low-grade fever along with cough and cold. Some people even suffer from dry cough.

Other marked symptoms of this condition are sinusitis symptoms like fever, occasional pain, increased nasal drainage and fullness of face. Tonsillitis is also another important symptom of upper respiratory tract infection in children as well as adults.

Causes Of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Getting exposed to airborne viruses is one of the major causes of upper respiratory tract infection. Yet, it can also spread from one person to other, when they cough or sneeze. Virus is mostly transmitted from people, who do not follow proper hygiene technique and do not wash their hands after coughing or sneezing.

Coronavirus and Rhinovirus are among the two most common types of viruses causing this type of infection. Apart from these two, people can be also affected by respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza virus. Adenovirus mostly causes common cold in people.

Yet, sometimes it can cause pneumonia in children and infants.

Home Remedies For Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Breathing steamed air and gargling with lukewarm salt water can help in curing upper respiratory tract infection effectively. Taking ginger tea for at least three times a day can also prove beneficial for the treatment of these types of infections. Adding honey to the tea can help up in speeding up the treatment process even more.

Adding eucalyptus leaves to boiling water and inhaling the steam can help in treating nasal congestion effectively. If eucalyptus leaves are not available, pour two to three drops of eucalyptus oil in a clean cloth and sniff it for inducing the desired effect.

Another effective remedy is to drink lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and honey. Likewise, a combination of carrot juice and honey or onion juice and honey can also help cure upper respiratory tract infection.

Another important home remedies include herbal tea prepared from elm bark, licorice root or Echinacea.

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