Preventing Asthma Attack In Children: Asthma Prevention In Adults

Asthma is a chronic respiratory tract illness that can affect a person’s day to day activity, especially when the episodes of asthmatic attack are too frequent.  In asthma, the person finds it difficult to breathe in and breathe out accompanied by wheezing. It develops due to temporary narrowing of bronchi (tube through which the air enters and exits from the lungs) by muscle spasm, swelling of the inner lining of the airway as well as collection of viscid secretion (Mucus).

Asthma can develop at any age, but in most cases it starts either in childhood or in middle age.

‘Early onset’ asthma is slightly more common in males, and ‘late onset’ in females. Though episodes of asthmatic attack can be treated easily with modern day medications, there is no definite solution available to completely eradicate the problem of chronic asthma. However, taking cue from the triggering factors, such as exposures to allergens (pollens, mite containing house dust, feathers, pet dander, second hand smoke etc.), respiratory tract infection, stress etc. it is possible to prevent and control the disease from its happening in the first place.

Asthma Attack Prevention In Children

In a known case of asthma, following are the ways and means that can help a person to prevent the asthmatic attack to a great extent:

  • Taking medicines daily as prescribed by the physician.
  • Avoiding asthma triggers.
  • Changing lifestyle as well as avoiding air pollution.

Preventing upper respiratory tract infection in children can drastically reduce the chances of asthma in its first place.

  • Since children have low immune status, it is possible for a child to easily get infected from virus and bacteria. A healthy nourishing food containing vitamins and other nutrients can greatly reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses.
  • A child should be regularly vaccinated for influenza if there is a history of asthma in parents and siblings.
  • He should avoid contact with other sick child or an adult. This will prevent the virus or bacteria from entering in his body.
  • If you are suffering from cold and flu take proper personal hygienic care such as washing your hands before you care for your child.

How To Prevent Asthma In Children?

  • Do not smoke in front of the child as it irritates and causes inflammation of the delicate inner lining of the nose and sinuses. Second hand smoking also harms the lungs of the child and increases the risk of cough and cold in the child.
  • Keep the child away from dust and fumes, pollens and dust mites. For this, if the child is known asthmatic, he should cover his nose and mouth with a mask as it greatly reduces inhaling harmful pollens and dust.
  • Continue proper anti asthmatic medicines prescribed by the doctor. In most cases the medications need to be taken regularly for a long period in asthmatic child.
  • Many foods can cause allergy and trigger asthma. Most often, foods that are found to cause allergies such as fish, egg, yeast, wheat, etc should be looked for. There is allergic skin prick test that can identify the particular food substance causing allergy. Once it is found, the person should omit it from his diet.

Prevention Of Asthma In Adults

Besides taking all the above precautionary measures of preventing asthma in children, if the asthma is caused due to exertion in adults such as exercise induced asthma, you can prevent it by taking inhalant bronchodilator prescribed by your doctor, few minutes before the exertion exercise.

As emotional factor also plays an important role in triggering asthma in a known asthmatic adult, he should try to relax and deal with friction and anxiety. Natural therapies such as yoga and meditation are helpful in such circumstances for reducing stress.

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