How to Get Rid of Sneezing and Prevent Its Occurrence

How to Stop Sneezing

There are remedies related on how to stop sneezing including:

  • Some people are allergic to domestic animals such as dogs and cats. Given this situation, people should clean their pets to prevent allergy and sneezing.
  • Higher consumption of foods rich in vitamin C can also prevent sneezing. Aside from sneezing, it also prevents runny nose or colds. Vitamin C helps decrease the levels of histamine, a chemical which the body produces whenever an individual is going through an allergic reaction.
  • Foods with garlic can also develop the body’s immune system, thus reducing several allergies.
  • Individuals who are allergic to smoke and pollens should always cover their noses if not wear face masks. These procedures will prevent the particles from irritating the nasal passages.
  • Regularly cleaning the house can prevent sneezing as vacuuming and sweeping can eliminate dust mites. Through vacuuming, dust mites can be eliminated from where it gathers the most like carpets, bed covers, rugs, and pillows.
  • When one has colds, it is always advised that he/she avoids cold drinks and food. It is also advised that the individual undergo water therapy or drink lots of water for the whole day.
  • If one gets allergy from airborne irritants, he/she can install air conditioning system to get rid of the said irritants.
  • The filters of the air conditioning system gather dust mites too and should be cleaned at least once a month.
  • Drinking nettle tea helps decrease the inflammation in the nasal passage. Nettle supplements are even more effective in reducing constant sneezing.

Getting Rid of Sneezing

There are tips to get rid of sneezing immediately including:

  • When one feels as though a sneeze is coming, he/she can press the upper lip to stop the sneeze.
  • Pinching or poking any part of the body with sharp nails can help one to stop sneezing.
  • Another tip to get one to control his/her sneezing is to imagine that there is an object constantly touching or poking the area between his/her eyebrows.
  • Some might find it effective to stop a sneeze by playing with their earlobes, just as though they’re putting on earrings.
  • Shouting absurd words to another person can also help control one’s sneezing.
  • Feeling the top part of the mouth with the tip of the tongue can help one to postpone a sneeze for at least five seconds.

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