Chest Congestion In Children: Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies

Chest congestion is a common ailment which affects children and is often associated with the slightest change in weather. It is associated with accumulation of mucus within the lungs and the nasal sinuses. While there are several causes for chest congestion in children it can be managed at home with simple natural remedies. If the condition is not managed promptly, it can increase the risk of developing a more complicated condition like a pneumonia or lung infection.

This article provides information about chest congestion in children, along with the signs and symptoms to identify the condition and the various home remedies that can be used to treat the condition.

Causes And Symptoms Of Chest Congestion

Chest congestion in children is attributed to a wide range of causes, with the most common being upper respiratory tract infection. There a host of other bacterial infections that can result in chest congestion in children,

  • Asthma is one of the leading causes for chest congestion in children.
  • Bacterial infections including tuberculosis, pertussis, etc can also contribute towards respiratory congestion.
  • Allergies which are commonly associated with flu or asthma may also contribute towards congestion of chest in children.

Chest Congestion In Children Symptoms

Symptoms of chest congestion in children include the following,

  • Cough associated with sputum is a common feature. The sputum may be clear and transparent or greenish in color (if infected).
  • Discomfort in the chest with wheezing while breathing is another indication. The child may complain of breathlessness on exertion.
  • Occasionally hemoptysis or blood in sputum may be observed. This is often indicative of a more serious ailment like tuberculosis.

Other systemic symptoms include fever, malaise, sleepiness, loss of appetite and irritability.

Home Remedies For Chest Congestion In Children

Here are some simple home remedies and natural treatment options that can help in alleviating the symptoms associated with chest congestion in children. These include the following,

  • Steam inhalation is considered to be one of the most effective treatments for chest congestion.
    Steam inhalation helps loosen up the mucus accumulated in the chest and alleviates some of the symptoms. Plain water steam inhalation is effective; however some experts may recommend using adding a couple of drops of mint or lavender essential oil in the water.
  • Chicken soup is another important home remedy to deal with congestion of chest in children. Chicken soup is known to speed up the movement of mucus from the lungs. Further, chicken soup has anti-inflammatory capabilities which help alleviate symptoms like pain during breathing and also helps clear the nasal sinuses.
  • Peppermint herb acts as a nasal decongestant and helps clear the sinuses. Dab a cloth containing peppermint oil on the chest and instruct your child to breathe deeply. Alternatively a cup of mint tea is also considered useful for management of chest congestion.
  • Homeopathic drugs have proved potent in treatment of chest congestion in children and are not associated with any side effects, which are common with the use of antibiotics. Antimony Tart helps in reliving mucus congestion in the chest, while Drosera is useful in cases of dry cough or conditions associated with breathing difficulties.

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