Rh Negative Blood Type And Pregnancy: What Type Of Foods To Eat?

A pregnant woman who has an Rh negative blood type will only encounter problems when her baby has the opposite Rh or has an Rh positive blood type or vice versa. There is a good chance that the baby can have a positive Rh if the father also has it.

The problem of having different Rh in the blood type is due to presence of antigens. These antigens are present in the Rh positive blood types but absent in the Rh negative blood types. The real problem lies on the fact that the blood cells without the antigens form antibodies that attack the blood cells with antigens.

When the Rh negative red blood cells attack the Rh positive red blood cells, complications can arise. These complications lead to the development of the life-threatening Hemolytic Disease, jaundice, anemia and other diseases of the blood to the baby.

Pregnant patients should have their blood type checked to see if antibodies are present to properly deal with future complications. Prevention of incompatibilities in Rh can be done with a RhoGam shot given to the pregnant patient. This will stop the development of antibodies to the Rh factor present in the Rh positive blood types.

Best Foods For Rh Negative Blood Type

Patients, especially pregnant women who have Rh negative blood type do not have the antigen Rh factor which makes them prone to food allergies. This is the basic reason why they need to have a specialized diet to prevent allergic reactions which may be harmful during pregnancy.

  • Persons that have an Rh negative blood type can eat several varieties of poultry, meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, tubers, seeds, and roots but should avoid those that can usually cause allergies.
  • People with the Rh negative blood type often have allergic reactions to eggs, nuts, beans, cheese, milk, cheese, and gluten.
    Gluten here is a kind of protein that can be found in plants.
  • Production of immunoglobulin E is faster in patients with an Rh negative blood type. Immunoglobulin E is the number one cause for the appearance of symptoms of primary food allergies.

Rhesus Negative Blood Group Traits

Patients with a negative Rh usually have the following traits:

  • They have extra vertebrae in the body.
  • The IQ or intelligence quotient is higher than average.
  • They have sensitive senses especially the sense of sight.
  • These persons often have a lower body temperature compared to the Rh positive patients.
  • Their blood pressure is higher.
  • It has been studied that patients with a negative Rh have intuitive abilities.
  • Mainly has reddish or red hair.
  • Color of the eyes is generally blue, hazel-like, and green.
  • They are often very sensitive to sunlight and heat.

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