Nasal Sprays During Pregnancy: Safe Nasal Decongestant When Pregnant

Every aspect of your health needs an extra monitoring and care, especially when you are pregnant. It pertains not only for your health but also for the developing fetus inside your womb. Ensuring proper guidance regarding medicines, diet and exercise should be on forefront when you are pregnant. Despite taking all the precautions and preventive measures, it is possible for a pregnant woman to suffer from mild sicknesses such as common cold, allergies, upper respiratory tract infections, etc.

Running nose and stuffy nose is a common health issue; nasal sprays are generally used by people to get quick relief from this problem.

But is it wise to use nasal sprays especially during pregnancy is the next question that comes in our mind. Let us know what this nasal sprays are, and can they be used during pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Use Nasal Spray While Pregnant?

In its first place, the use of topical nasal decongestants and sprays for a long period is not at all recommended for any person and the same applies to a pregnant female. Most of the nasal sprays act for a short period of time. They all contain sympathomimetic drugs. They locally act upon the blood vessels of the mucus membrane of the nose and constrict them thus reducing the membrane thickness. However, as the effect wears off the symptoms and congestion occur with more severity.

Besides long term use can damage the internal lining of the nasal mucus membrane, it is also habit forming as well as not healthy for the growing fetus inside the womb of a pregnant woman.

It is very important to know that during pregnancy, there are several hormones related bodily changes. They are normal. While you are pregnant, certain parts of the body receive rich supply of blood including respiratory mucus lining.

As a result a pregnant woman frequently experiences congestion in her nose.

The mucus membrane of nose is sensitive to slightest atmospheric change and can result into congestion. A slight change in nasal airway and passing of mucus through the throat is wrongly interpreted by some people as sinusitis. In any case, the temptation to use medicated nasal sprays should be resisted. Natural saline nasal sprays are safe and they may help to liquefy mucus secretions.

Nasal Decongestant For Pregnant Women

At the same time conditions such as sinusitis, upper respiratory tract infections need a prompt treatment. The toxins produced by the germs causing the disease may be detrimental to your pregnancy. Nasal congestion caused due to allergic cold, sinus infection etc. during pregnancy is best treated with natural saline nasal sprays, which are also available in medical stores.

However before using any sprays, you have to consult your doctor as there are many saline sprays which also consist of other medications.

In a nut shell the use of nasal sprays during pregnancy should be restricted as far as possible to saline nasal sprays, and that too for a limited period after consulting your health care provider. Other nasal sprays which use pharmaceutical compounds and steroids should be avoided. There are several other natural safe methods for relieving nasal congestion during pregnancy.

Steam inhalation is one such safe method that can be used to relieve your congestion during pregnancy. Consuming hot chicken soup or tomato soup is a healthy option. It is also beneficial for your health during pregnancy and provides relief in nasal congestion.

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