Early Signs, Symptoms Of Pregnancy Hives And Its Home Remedies

Hives or urticaria is a skin aliment that occurs during pregnancy. It may occur due to an allergic reaction to a particular food or some medicine, or as an immune response phenomenon. Urticaria develops when histamine is released in the blood stream. Occasionally, changes in the hormone profile may set off an outbreak. Hives aren’t dangerous, but can be fairly incapacitating due to the continuous itching.

Urticaria or hives manifests as raised red weals or welts on the skin. There will be severe itching and the weals may migrate from one area to another.

Hives may be accompanied by localized swelling called angioedema. You must consult your gynecologist and assess the appearance of hives to differentiate them from other pregnancy related skin ailments such as pruritic papules and plaques of pregnancy and autoimmune progesterone dermatitis of pregnancy.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Hives

Hives are red or pale pink welts on the skin. These may unite together to form one big rash or may be spread out as many small ones. They are slightly raised. The edge of the weal is the most inflamed part, with the center being pale in color. There is intense itching; and there may be associated pain or burning.

Acute urticaria lasts for about a day; however, some cases can last up to six weeks. Chronic urticaria may last for more than six weeks.

In case histamine and other inflammatory agents are released in to the layers just under the skin, the inflammation and itching is severe and there will be related pain. This is called angio-edema.

Pregnancy related hives ought to be evaluated and at no cost should they be neglected. Confer with your health care professional as to the best solution for you.

The break out may appear as red or pink weals over the skin. They may gradually spread to all over the body. The welts are extremely itchy. There is no discharge. The weals may last from few minutes to few hours to even a few days.

Home Remedies For Hives During Pregnancy

Pregnancy related hives are treated using over the counter anti histamines. Your doctor may suggest cetirizine or diphenhydramine, to manage the condition quickly. Infrequently, a more aggressive line of treatment may be required to control and reduce the hives symptoms.

Ensure that you talk to your obstetrician about your condition and of any medicines or home remedies that you may be taking to manage the ailment.

The following home remedies have been proved to be decidedly beneficial in the management of urticaria; also they are safe for use during pregnancy. Nonetheless, do consult your gynecologist for your particular case.

  1. Aloe Vera: helps decrease the swelling and inflammation, provides a protective coating over the weals and eliminates itching effectively. It also reduces the redness, burning and pain appreciably. Apply several times through the day.
  2. Turmeric: is a very effective natural anti histamine that helps treat urticaria effectively. You can have boiled milk to which 1 spoon of turmeric has been added daily; it will boost the immune system as well as throw out toxins.
  3. Echinacea: helps decrease the sensitivity to allergens, promotes blood and lymph drainage, and balances a hyper reactive immune mechanism.
  4. Ginger: is the most efficient home remedy for hives, it is a powerful anti inflammatory and anti histamine, which helps relieve swelling and helps the welts to subside.
  5. Cold milk: cold milk is extremely soothing for an irritated and agitated skin. Soak cotton swabs in ice cold milk and place over the weals, frequently through the day.

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