What Causes White Tongue Sores: Home Remedies For Bumps On Tongue

As the name suggests, white tongue sores are white in color and round or oval in shape. Most often they are due to accidental biting of the tongue or as a result of scalding. Canker sores resulting from stress or unknown causes, or a sore occurring due to an infection and other underlying conditions are also common.

It becomes very difficult to eat when you have sores on your tongue. The burning sensation or pain and tingling associated with white tongue sores makes it difficult for a person to speak and even drink.

In USA, many people call it a lie bump. Doctors call it transient lingual papillitis. Generally these sores on tongue heal after few days to a week.

Causes Of White Sores On Tongue

White sores on tongue are not just limited to tongue bites and Canker sores. There are many other reasons that can affect white sores on tongue.

  • Bacterial, viral or fungal infections can also cause white sores on tongue. For instance oral thrush is one of the most common fungal infections in the oral cavity which also affects the tongue. Infants and children are mostly vulnerable to such infection. People who have low immune level are also at a risk of suffering from oral thrush.
  • Ill fitted dentures, a rough and sharp edged tooth can also irritate the tongue structure giving rise to sores on its side.
  • Canker sores which are usually white in color occur as a result of stress in most cases.
  • Leukoplakia is a condition which causes white sores on the tongue. Formation of ridges on the side of tongue which is difficult to scrape off is classic sign of leukoplakia on the tongue. Oral lichen planus is another rare cause for white sores on tongue.
  • Many time people suffering from anemia or diabetes present with sore tongue. Bumps on tip of tongue are generally due to eating something very hot or as a result of bitten tongue. However, a bump which does not pain and persist for a long time on tip of tongue needs to be consulted by the doctor.

Home Remedies For White Bumps On Tongue

Most of white sores on tongue heal within a week even if you do not take treatment. However, treatment is sought after to relieve the pain and discomfort during this period. There are many gels and ointment available for treating these sores.

  • One of the best home remedies for treating white sores on tongue caused due to eating and drinking hot and spicy food is aloe vera gel. Applying aloe vera over the tongue helps soothe the burning pain as well as hastens the healing process.
  • In oral thrush caused due to fungal yeast infection, yogurt is found to be useful home remedy. Antiseptic mouthwash acts on the germs present in the oral cavity which are responsible for white sores on tongue.
  • A diet rich in vitamins, especially B vitamins is beneficial healing of white sores on tongue. There is less chance of formation of sores on tongue if you are eating vitamin rich food.
  • Eat fiber rich food. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fibers. It will prevent constipation. Naturopaths believe constipation is one of the causes for triggering white sores on tongue.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene. In many cases, bad oral hygiene is responsible for tongue and mouth problems.  Quit smoking as it is also responsible for white patches on tongue.

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