Swelling In Gums Symptoms: Causes And Home Remedies To Cure It

When it comes to dental health, most people just give importance to the teeth. In doing so, they forget about taking proper care of their gums and have to experience different gum problems like gum bleeding or gum swelling.

Swollen gums in most cases are accompanied by bad breathe or pain in gums, depending on the cause of the condition. Irrespective of the underlying cause, the condition can cause severe discomfort to the patient and can also lead to embarrassment in the public.

Swelling in gums can also be an indication of some other serious diseases and it is better to undergo treatment during the primary stage.

Symptoms Of Swollen Gums

Symptoms of swelling in gums can vary from one patient to another, yet a feel of sharp pain is experienced by almost all. Unlike healthy gums of light pink color, swollen gums are often purple, red, dark pink and blue in color.

The margin of the gums is often rolled along the teeth in large number of patients. Some may also lose all papilla and others may get blunted papilla in between the teeth. Bleeding while flossing or brushing is also experienced by many.

Patients may also get deep pockets between gums and teeth. Tenderness of gum and persistent bad taste in mouth or bad breathe is also experienced by many people affected by swelling in gums.

What Are The Causes Of Swelling In Gums?

Several factors can lead to swelling in gums, infection from virus and fungi are among the common. People suffering from herpes can also get acute herpetic gingivostomatitis leading to swelling of gums. Some people have also got swollen gums due to thrush, which is an overgrowth of natural yeast in the mouth.

Apart from these, gingivitis is also found to be responsible for this condition in many patients.

It can also lead to gum irritation and if left untreated may result to tooth loss. Malnutrition leading to deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin B can also get the gums swelled unnaturally.

Swelling in gums can be triggered during pregnancy of some women as they undergo several hormonal changes during this period. It is generally experienced in the third trimester.

Home Remedies To Cure Swelling Of Gums

Proper oral care with brushing the teeth twice daily is one of the most important ways of checking swelling in gums. Apart from brushing, flossing the teeth regularly is also important to prevent infection and gingivitis in the teeth. Increasing vitamin B and vitamin C intake as well as consuming a healthy diet with fresh vegetables can help in keeping the condition under check.

Rinsing the mouth twice or thrice a day with a glass of lukewarm water can be helpful. Another effective treatment to help in curing this type of gum problems is applying a paste of ginger and salt. Warming a glass of water with lemon juice and gargling with it can cause the infection to subside.

Consulting a doctor may become necessary if the home remedies do not prove effective.

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