What Causes Painful Taste Buds On Tongue And How To Treat Them?

Taste buds are located on the tongue and act as sensors for the sense of taste. Taste buds are important as they make eating more enjoyable and improve the satiety of an individual. While there are millions of taste buds on the tongue, there are some causes which result in inflammation of the taste buds making them painful.

Painful taste buds not only interfere with the ability of an individual to enjoy food but also make eating difficult. Fortunately there are some simple natural treatments that can help in the treatment of painful taste buds.

Taste buds are small papillae located on the tongue which help us differentiate the food that we eat based on its taste. These taste buds help us differentiate between sour, sweet, salty and bitter tastes. There are certain conditions which can result in soreness of the taste buds which not only results in sensation of pain and but also diminishes the person’s ability to differentiate between different kinds of food. If painful taste buds are not treated for prolonged interval of time, they can result in loss of appetite.

What Causes Painful Taste Buds On Tongue?

Here are some conditions that are more frequently observed as causes of painful and sore taste buds. Most of these causes are associated with life style and related attributes of an individual’s life,

  • Smoking or tobacco chewing are considered to be the primary causes of painful taste buds.
  • Consumption of very hot, very spicy or very salty food can also result in painful taste buds. In these cases, the pain usually self-limiting and diminishes within a day or two.
  • Certain supplements and herbs are also considered to cause pain in the taste buds. Herbs such as gymnema are linked with painful taste buds.
  • Accidental biting of the tongue may also damage some of the taste buds along the sides of the tongue.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency is also closely linked with painful taste buds and altered sensation of taste. Mouth ulcers or oral thrush infection can also result in painful taste buds.
  • Endocrinal disorders like diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders and adrenal disorders are also frequently associated with painful taste buds.
  • Allergic reaction to certain foods, stomach infections and acid reflux are some of the common conditions that are associated with sore and painful taste buds.
  • Major throat surgery like larygectomy or tonsillectomy may also be associated with sore and painful taste buds.

Treatment For Painful Taste Buds

While avoiding spicy and hot foods, quitting smoking and tobacco consumption are some of the important lifestyle decisions to reduce painful taste bud sensation, there are certain other home remedies that can be beneficial,

  • Rinse the mouth with warm water. Add a table spoon of turmeric and honey to the water. Turmeric is a strong anti-microbial agent while honey has a soothing action.
  • Vitamin B12 and mineral supplements will be beneficial to overcome nutritional deficiencies and improve the condition.
  • Homeopathic medicines like Apis Mel and Causticum have been found to be useful in the management of painful taste buds. These remedies not only reduce pain and inflammation, but also hasten the healing process and reinstate normal taste in the mouth.

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