Causes Of Biting Inside Of Lip: How To Heal It Naturally?

Biting your own lips, tongue or inner cheeks is something that happens to almost everyone. Someone may bite their lips while eating while others may bite their lips while talking. Biting of the lips is also common among individuals that suffer from episodes of epileptic attacks.

Bitten lips can also be associated with sudden jerk or trauma while traveling or enjoying a Disneyland ride. The cause of bitten lips is really not significant; however it can lead to bleeding, pain and swelling. An already bitten lip is more prone to be bitten again.

Natural Ways To Heal A Bitten Lip Quickly

In most cases, the pain and swelling associated with a bitten lip may subside significantly within three to four hours. This may vary from person to person, though severe cuts or lacerations may take longer to heal. Here are some tips that can help to heal a bitten lip faster,

  • Clean the mouth with warm water, especially if you bit your lip while eating. This ensures that the wound is free from any form of debris and prevents any form of secondary infection. Alternatively just try to moisten the lip with your saliva, since saliva has strong anti microbial properties.
  • In case, the wound is significant to cause considerable bleeding, apply pressure on the wound site with a sterile or clean gauze/handkerchief. Applying pressure for a couple of minutes will help to stop the bleeding. However if the bleeding doesn’t stop immediately, it is important to consult a medical professional.
  • Local ice wrap can be applied at the site of the bite, as this helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Apply the ice wrap for a couple of minutes and then repeat it after 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid applying ice wraps for too long as they can lead to frostbites.
  • Local application of paste of turmeric is also very useful. Prepare a paste of turmeric with raw honey and apply it at the site of the bite. Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces pain and swelling, while honey has a soothing effect on the lips.
  • Other alternative technique is to gargle and wash the mouth with salt water. Add one teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and gargle. This can be helpful in reducing pain and inflammation and also hasten the healing process. However, this technique may be useful only if the bitten portion of the lip is located inside the oral cavity.
  • It is of pertinent importance that you avoid foods and drinks that can further aggravate the condition, especially spicy foods, aerated drinks and hot beverages. These foods can not only trigger pain and swelling, but also tend to interfere with the normal healing process. If the lips are bitten significantly, it is also prudent to limit talking, as that may cause a recurrence of lip biting.

In most cases, bitten lips would heal naturally within 24 to 72 hours, depending upon the severity of the wound. It is essential that you don’t keep prodding the site with your tongue or pick on it. If the wound doesn’t heal within 72 hours or associated symptoms like fever or rash develop around the mouth, it is essential to consult your doctor immediately.

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