Symptoms Of Glossitis: Causes And How To Treat It Naturally?

Glossitis is a medical state that affects the tongue. It often causes the tongue to swell and change its color. Sometimes it may also lead to unnatural smoothening of the tongue. In most of the cases, the symptoms of glossitis develop suddenly and often become severe if not diagnosed during the initial stage.

Glossitis can be a chronic condition in some patients causing the tongue to get inflamed every now and them. Idiopathic glossitis or Hunter’s glossitis, which also affects some people may even affect the papillae and remove it completely. Atrophic glossitis, which rarely occurs in people affect the texture and color of the tongue significantly, making the tongue appear dark red.

What Are The Symptoms Of Glossitis?

The symptoms of glossitis are generally determined by the underlying cause. Tenderness or pain in the tongue along with swelling are some of the common signs indicating the onset of glossitis. Sudden change in the color of the tongue leading to the reddening of the upper surface is also a common symptom of glossitis.

When the condition aggravates, people may also experience difficulty in speaking. Difficulty in chewing, swallowing and eating food are other symptoms marking glossitis of tongue. People may not also be able to drink hot drinks like tea or coffee due to the irritation of tongue skin.

The affliction also makes it difficult to use a mouthwash. Though very rare, people may also get blocked airway in the tongue due to glossitis.

Common Causes Of Glossitis

The causes of glossitis can vary widely from one to other. Yet, in most cases, allergic reactions to different foods or drinks are found to be the most common cause. Allergy to medicines or different oral care products can also trigger this condition. Irritants like spices, hot foods, alcohol or tobacco can also lead to glossitis.

Dryness of the mouth caused as a result of Sjogren syndrome may also lead to glossitis.

Bacterial infection in the mouth or even virus and yeast infection can cause glossitis. Injury of tongue from poorly fitting dentures, rough teeth or burns may also lead to this disease.

Other causes leading to this condition include dermatological conditions and hormonal changes.

Natural Remedies To Treat Glossitis

Consulting a doctor, preferably a dentist might be needed to treat glossitis. In most of the cases, patients are prescribed for blood test or saliva test to diagnose the condition. If discovered in the initial stage, the condition can also be treated at home by using home remedies.

Taking proper care of dental health and flossing the mouth at least twice a day can be helpful in the treatment of glossitis. Avoiding irritants causing glossitis can also help in curing the affliction naturally. If the problem has occurred as an allergy to some food, avoiding that can helpful.

It is recommended to avoid spicy food and hot food or drinks when there is glossitis on tongue. Washing the mouth twice with lukewarm saltwater can also help in treating the condition. Drinking plenty of fluids and avoiding citric juices or alcoholic beverages can be helpful in the treatment of glossitis.

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