Geographic Tongue Symptoms: Causes And Home Remedies To Cure It

Geographic tongue is an affliction which leads to inflammation of the tongue, especially of the dorsal surface. This is a common ailment and affects people of all age group. Though the condition is considered as benign plaque, it can be quite distressing for the patients. The good thing, however, is that it does not pose any serious risks to health.

In most cases, the tongue appears to be unnaturally smooth for the loss of papillae. Redness of the tongue is also common in many people, yet it vanishes over time as the condition gets healed.

Signs And Symptoms Of Geographic Tongue

Loss of papillae along with reddening of the tongue is the most common symptom of this disease. Sometimes the tongue of the patients may turn pinkish, whitish, yellowish or grayish. Serpiginous or snaking texture of the tongue is also noticed in many people.

In most cases, the discoloration starts with lesions and spread gradually, changing in shape and size. This may also be accompanied with a burning or itching sensation on the tongue especially at the onset of the condition.

The duration of the affliction depends on the extent of the affliction, sometimes ranging from a few months to a year. If the condition worsens, people find it difficult to eat hot or spicy foods. Sensitivity can also be experienced while smoking or even while brushing teeth.

What Are The Causes Of Geographic Tongue?

Geographic tongue generally appears due to the loss of papillae. Though the actual cause behind this problem is not yet known, in many cases, it has been found to run in the gene, affecting many people in the same family. Geographic tongue can also be caused due to improper oral hygiene.

People who have psoriasis or fissured tongue are prone to be affected with this problem.

The condition may aggravate because of stress. In very few cases, food allergy is also attributed as a cause to this disease.

Diabetics or people suffering from vitamin B deficiency fall prey to this condition easily. Using oral contraceptives or other medications may also trigger this condition.

Home Remedies To Cure Geographic Tongue

Geographic tongue is a benign condition and can be easily treated with natural remedies. Consuming refrigerated fennel tea and milk can help to relieve the accompanying discomfort to some great extent. Rinsing the mouth with lukewarm salt water for at least five times a day is also a good remedy for treating this problem.

You can also clean your mouth regularly with baking soda mixed in water to heal the condition fast. Applying peroxide on the tongue can also help in reducing the lesions. If the condition is caused due to vitamin B deficiency, taking foods rich in vitamin B can be helpful.

Avoid spicy or oily food to get relief from the condition faster. It is also recommended to avoid citric juices, alcoholic beverages and smoking to get rid of this affliction.

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