Common Causes of Brown Spots on Teeth: How to Get Rid Of It Naturally

Brown stains on the teeth normally occur due to undue consumption of carbonated / aerated drinks and coffee. After a while, these stain the teeth and what’s more, these stains can enter cracks present on the enamel of the tooth and can cause a lot of damage. Also, certain medications stain your teeth, such as, the antibiotic, tetracycline.

Brown Spots on Teeth Causes

  • Consuming large amounts of coffee and carbonated drinks is a big contributing factor
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Plaque and debris on the tooth enamel
  • Certain tonics and supplements; especially those containing iron
  • Recurrent fever and other illnesses.
  • Trauma can trigger the development of brown spots on the teeth in children. When a child gets hit on the tooth, bleeding occurs within the tooth and the blood tends to seep in to the dentin and this causes staining.
  • Excessive smoking is another important cause
  • Tobacco chewing
  • Some anti biotics stain the teeth
  • Using only a fluoride toothpaste

How to Get Rid Of Brown Spots on Teeth

The following guidelines can help reduce the brown discoloration and prevent the development of other stains as well:

  • Blend peroxide with baking soda and make a thick paste; apply on the toothbrush and use this place of toothpaste; it promises to lighten the stains. Baking soda exfoliates whilst hydrogen peroxide acts as bleach. However, do not use too much of hydrogen peroxide as it can result in burning.
  • Gargle at least thrice daily. This will help get rid of stains that are trapped in plaque and on your teeth.
  • Most importantly, you need to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush twice daily and floss once daily. This promise to get rid of built up debris and will avert plaque formation. In fact expert’s advice brushing your teeth after you have eaten or drunk anything; it will prevent the food particles from adhering to the tooth surface.
  • Use a straw when drink aerated drinks and caffeinated beverages.
  • Apply a tooth whitening gel once a week, leaving it for about half an hour. These whitening kits helps get rid of surface stains easily. After 2 weeks, results will be obvious.
  • You may also opt for dental bleaching at the dentist’s office. Professional whitening of the teeth lasts a lot longer and makes use of a stronger hydrogen based gel. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth and your teeth will be exposed to a blue light to activate the process of whitening.
  • Quit smoking
  • Limes are also effective natural bleach. Squeeze the juice of a lime. Dip you toothbrush in it and use this to brush your teeth at least once every day. Also, consuming a glass of lime juice daily will help improve your oral and dental health appreciably.

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