Symptoms Of Brain Trauma: Treatment For Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain trauma, is a traumatic medical condition caused when the brain is subjected to a sudden lethal blow. It is mostly caused when the head gets hurt due to a high fall or when a blow is administered to the head due to head-on collisions in motor accidents.

In case of mild injury, the victim may suffer from temporary brain cell dysfunction while in case of serious injuries the brain may start to bleed internally and in case of severe bleeding patients may succumb to death.

Depending on the source of injury, the trauma can either be open or close.

Open head injuries, also known as penetrating injuries occur, when some object enters brain and strike any specific part of the brain. Closed injuries are caused when the blow is severe enough to shake the brain within.

Signs And Symptoms Of Brain Trauma

Symptoms of brain trauma depend on the extent of damage. Mild injury, may lead to concussion. In some cases, patients may experience the symptoms after a few days or even after weeks. Unconsciousness, dizziness, headache, blurry vision, ringing in ears are some of the common symptoms of mild trauma. These symptoms may get cured within a few days. Yet, in some exceptional cases, it may take longer to heal.

Moderate trauma is characterized by periods of unconsciousness that may last for over thirty minutes. If the injury is severe one may remain unconscious for over 24 hours. In case of severe trauma the symptoms lasts for a longer period of time. Inability to recall the cause of accident, disorientation and confusion, nausea, vomiting, speech problems as well emotional changes or sleep pattern changes are some of the signs of severe trauma.

Common Cause Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain trauma is caused when the brain gets severely injured after a fall or during any road accident.

Injury during collision of two vehicles or violent assault may also cause brain trauma. In some cases, sports related injuries, which generally occur, when a ball hits the head accidentally may also cause trauma in brain.

Military combats or explosive blasts in some cases can also be the cause of this type of trauma. A physician can rightly diagnose the cause of brain trauma based on reports of the patients, clinical presentation of the condition as well as reports of different imaging studies, viz. CT scan and MRI.

Treatment For Brain Trauma

Brain trauma treatment generally depends on the severity of the condition. In case of serious injuries, patients may require specialized care and complete rehabilitation in hospital. However, in case of mild or moderate injury, patients can be treated through medication and rehab at home.

Doctors generally suggest complete rest and prescribe different pain killer drugs to treat patients with mild injury. Applying icepack to the affected area can also help in reducing the pain to some extent.

In case of mild and moderate injuries, patients are kept in close observation for a few days to check whether there is any new development of symptoms. If there is no new complications, patient can get back to regular works.

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