Causes Of Brain Seizures: Signs & Symptoms And Natural Remedies

Brain seizure disorder refers to the condition in which the electrical activity of the brain is disturbed periodically. The disturbance can cause dramatic changes in the behavior of an individual and in most of the cases is manifested with some noticeable symptoms.

There are two types of brain seizure namely epileptic and non-epileptic. Epileptic seizure or epilepsy refers to the condition in which the patient does not have any apparent cause leading to this state and the condition can be repeated several times. Non-epileptic seizure on the other hand is generally provoked by any cause or condition that irritates the brain.

In many cases, mostly in children, fever is a cause of non-epileptic seizure.

Signs And Symptoms Of Brain Seizures

Many people, who get brain seizure disorders often experience some an unusual sensation just before the seizure. Some people find abnormal taste or smell, while some other gets a de ja vu feel. There are people who even experience butterflies in the stomach sensation.

Brain seizure symptoms may vary depending on the section of brain that is affected by the condition. When the insula gets affected one may experience unpleasant taste, smell or feel. Visual hallucination occurs, when the occipital lobe gets affected. When the frontal lobe gets affected it can lead to speech problem.

If the large area of brain gets affected on both the sides it causes convulsion. Irregular bladder or muscle control, confusion, loss of consciousness, periodical unresponsiveness, tingling and numbness are also some of the symptoms characterizing this condition.

Once the seizure stops, one may experience fatigue, confusion, unusual sensations, sore muscles and even headache.

What Causes Brain Seizures?

Any condition that can cause brain irritation can be responsible for seizure, viz. fever, infection, sleep deprivation, drug allergy as well as injury. Fuel or oxygen deprivation to the brain can also cause this condition.

Someone who has seizure disorder may get it when they undergo any kind of emotional or physical stress. A person can also get this condition while being intoxicated. Sleep deprivation or sedative intake can also trigger this condition.

In some exceptional cases, person may get this condition due to repetitive sound, light flashes and even while playing video games. Infants below the age of two years can get seizure due to metabolic abnormalities and also due to high fever.

Once the causes are resolved, seizure also stops occurring. However, if the child has any birth defect or received any injury during birth or have a hereditary brain disorder, he may get the condition repeatedly. Sudden alcohol withdrawal, stroke, head injury or tumor can lead to seizure in adults.

Natural Remedies For Brain Seizures

Different herbs can help in avoiding brain seizure disorder. Though there is no scientific evidence, burning bush, mugwort, groundsel, mistletoe, hydrocotyle, peony, lilt of the valley, scullcapm valerian and tree of heaven are some of the common herbs use to treat brain seizures.

Acupressure is known to have provided relief to many patients. However, it may not work on patients with severe epilepsy. Patients who experience seizures must avoid ginseng or ginkgo herbs, as these can trigger the condition.

Natural remedies can work only if the affliction isn’t severe. In case, there is no noticeable improvement after consuming herbs, it’s advisable to consult a brain specialist.

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