Blood Clot In Brain Symptoms: Its Causes And Treatment Options

Blood clots in brain are mostly caused due to injury of a blood vessel present in the brain. This is a serious medical condition which can lead to Ischemic stroke, a condition that prevents the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain. Blood clots leading to ischemic stroke can be either thrombus or embolus.

Thrombus stroke is formed when blood clots forms in the artery and occludes it, thereby preventing supply of blood to vein. Embolic stroke occurs, when the clot formed in any other area moves to the artery, causing blockage.

Besides obstructing supply of nutrients, blood clot in brain can also lead to accumulation of carbon dioxide and cellular waste in the brain, as the brain is unable to remove the waste properly. This may lead to the death of cells and malfunctioning of neurons around the blockage, causing damage to different parts of the body.

Symptoms Of Blood Clot In Brain

Headache is one the most common symptoms of blood clot in brain and is generally restricted in a particular side of the head. It can worsen, when the person coughs or sneezes or performs any physical activity. Speech difficulty is also another common symptom of this condition and is common in people with clots on the left side.

Confusion or difficulty in understanding is also a sign denoting the onset of this condition. The onset of these signs is often marked by personality change or a feeling of depression. Dizziness, seizures, loss of coordination and paralysis are also some of the common symptoms of blood clots in brain.

Causes Of Blood Clot In Brain

Atherosclerosis is one of the major causes of blood clot in brain. It occurs due to plaque and fat deposition in arteries.

It generally narrows down the arteries, leading to thrombotic stroke. Injury to the brain, neck or head from any kind of trauma can also lead to bleeding or blood clot in brain. Bleeding from the injury can also lead to brain compression, which in turn can cause blood clot.

Clots traveling from different parts of the body can block the arteries leading to blood clot in brain. Traveling clots mostly cause damage to other parts of the body through which they travel and then affect brain. Blood clots can also occur if the superficial vein is inflamed due to high trauma.

Heart problems may also lead to blood clots in the brain. Apart from these, obesity and excessive smoking may lead to blood clots in arteries of the brain. People suffering from clotting disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes also have risks of getting blood clot in brains.

Treatment For Blood Clot In Brain

Doctors generally recommend for CT scan or MRI to trace the location of the clot and also to detect its growth. Tests also help in finding the cause leading to the condition and start the treatment. Depending on the size and location of the clot, doctors prescribe anti-coagulant drugs to dissolve the clot.

However, surgery might be required in some cases, mostly when patients have the risk of getting additional clots. Once the treatment starts, the patient should make some lifestyle changes such avoid smoking or intake of alcohol to avert recurrence. Proper care must be taken to keep blood pressure and blood sugar under control.

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