Memory Strengthening Exercises: How To Increase Your Memory

Memory exercises play an important role in strengthening the overall functionality of the brain. Memory strengthening exercises can be beneficial to students for preparing for their exams or to working professionals or even to older individuals who are just looking at preserving their mental agility and functions.

Scientists have proven beyond doubt that the human brain has neuroplasticity, which is defined as ability to adapt and re-modulate even at an older age. This however requires stimulation so that the brain can build new neural pathways. This article provides information about various memory strengthening techniques which are simple and help in keep your brain sharp and agile.

How To Increase Your Memory?

Though there are various techniques and exercises that are beneficial in enhancing brain health, there are certain basic considerations that need to be followed to improve mental functions,

  • Physical exercise is considered beneficial for the brain. When you work out, you increase the blood circulation of the body and also improve supply of oxygen to the brain. This often is beneficial in the management of age related memory problems.
  • Having adequate sleep is crucial in improving brain health. Sleep deprivation can have serious impact on the functioning of the brain.
  • Certain foods are considered beneficial in improving brain health. Omega-3 fatty acids contribute significantly to improve brain health. Fish and nuts are great sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Some of the other important sources include polyunsaturated oils like flax seed oil, soybean oil, etc.
  • Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are loaded with various anti-oxidants which are considered beneficial to enhance overall brain health. Some studies have shown that consuming wine in moderation can be beneficial as it contains an ingredient resveratrol which can stimulate flow of blood to the brain.

Exercises For Strengthening Memory

Brain, like rest of the body, needs to be worked out regularly in order to strengthen it.

If the brain is stimulated on regular basis, it will help it to strengthen its functionality. You could take up any activity that can help stimulate the brain, however there are some key considerations while doing this,

  • The activity should be new and should demand intellectual workout. If there is an activity that you are good at, it doesn’t stimulate the brain however a new activity, out of your comfort zone can help stimulate the brain.
  • The activity should be challenging. If the activity is simple, it cannot be a healthy workout for the brain. Try out activities like Sudoku puzzle, scrabble or solving a crossword, to stimulate the brain.
  • Finally, the activity should be fun. The human brain has a tendency to shut out, especially if the activity is not fun. Hence try something that is fun but also challenging and new at the same time.

Memory Enhancement Techniques

Here are some techniques and tips that can help contribute towards strengthening memory functions,

  • Make sure you pay attention. On an average it takes about eight seconds of intense focus to process and store some information in your brain. If you don’t pay attention, this information often tends to get lost.
  • Involve as many senses as possible. Involving the most of the sense of sight, smell, hearing, touching and taste, tends to improve the retention of that specific episode or event.
  • Relate the information to something that you are already aware off. This helps it easier to remember things.

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