Abandonment Issues Symptoms And Treatment In Children And Adults

Abandonment issue is children tend to interfere with their ability to thrive and result in emotional imbalances. Such children suffer from psychological and physical damages of neglect, starvation, malnutrition and abuse. Those most of the symptoms associated with abandonment are reversible; the treatment is fairly long term and requires patience.

A child is always dependent on the parents or guardians for several reasons including basic needs and a sense of safety and security. Children, who get their dependency needs fully satisfied, tend to flourish and thrive and grow at a healthy pace, both physically and mentally.

However some children, who don’t get their dependency needs satisfied, tend to suffer from failure to thrive primarily due to emotional and physical abandonment.

Adults Abandonment Issues Symptoms

The symptoms associated with abandonment may range from physical to mental and may extend into early adulthood and in some cases tend to persist throughout an individual’s life. Some of the common symptoms associated with abandonment include,

  • Withdrawal from social activities and interaction. The individual tends to alienate himself from the environment and develops a resistance towards others.
  • A sense of guilt often tends to develop in the individual, primarily as he/she thinks that there is something wrong with self, which has resulted in the abandonment. Guilt is often accompanied with depression which can range from moderate to severe form.
  • Constant feeling of fear and uncertainty with tendency to cling often associated with insecurities.
  • Sleep disorders including waking up in the middle of the night and nocturnal insomnia are common.

Symptoms Of Abandonment Issues In A Child

Children often experience similar symptoms to the symptoms experienced by adults, but the manifestation of these symptoms may vary slightly.

  • Physical symptoms like eating disorders may also be observed. These eating disorders may either result in malnutrition due to starvation or in some cases result in excessive eating and obesity.
  • Tendency to fall sick. The child tends to avoid participating in activities due to constant loathing and generalized fatigue.
  • Inability to concentrate on a particular activity with mental fatigue is commonly observed.  Poor performance at school and falling grades are the common complaints for these children.
  • Negative emotions like anger, grief, frustration, etc. are common.

Treatment For Abandonment Issues

Psychological counseling plays a crucial role in the effective management of the symptoms (especially psychological symptoms) associated with abandonment. The treatment therapy comprises of prompting the affected individual to talk about his/ her fears. Psychotherapy is a technique which attempts to help an individual to focus on the problem based on using his memories and feelings and helps him adjust and realize a self compassionate solution to the problem.

Along with psychotherapy, there are several other techniques that can help in improving the individual’s mental state,

  • Meditation and yoga therapy help an individual to focus on his/her real self and help detach from the bondage of materialistic life. It is in this spiritual phase that an individual learns to forgive and forget.
  • Using aromatherapy in conjunction with medication has also yield beneficial results in the management of negative emotions like anger, frustration and anxiety.
  • St John’s Wart is a herb which is considered beneficial in the management of mild to moderate depression. Consuming the herb in prescribed dosage can help in improving the symptoms.
  • Support from friends, peers and support groups also help an individual grow out of his problems and embrace the world.

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