Treatment Of Hydrocele In Adults: Its Causes And Symptoms

Hydrocele refers to a condition in which a watery fluid buildup is formed around any one testicle or both the testicles. In most of the cases, patients experience a soft swelling in the groin or scrotum area. Though the swelling makes the patient feel extremely uncomfortable, it is seldom painful and in most cases do not cause any severe harm to the health of the affected individual.

This is generally found in the newborns, but may also be found in adults. Hydrocele can occur in both men and women. Yet, it is rarely found in females.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hydrocele

Hydrocele in infants generally appears without any symptom. However, when it afflicts adult men, it is marked by painless swelling around the testicles which can be a cause of great discomfort. Men suffering from this condition tend to experience heaviness around the swollen scrotum. This makes it difficult for them to wear under wears or pants.

In case, the swelling is not diagnosed at the right time, there can be an increase in inflammation leading to pain in the affected area. While some patients experience the same feeling of heaviness throughout the day, some may find the swelling to be slightly smaller after waking up from sleep.

What Are The Causes Of Hydrocele?

The actual cause of hydrocele is yet to be deciphered. However, some tests have indicated that hydrocele is newborn is caused due to opening in between the scrotum and abdomen. In most of the cases, the openings close before birth but in some cases, it may get closed just after birth.

Hydrocele in adults is mostly found in people above the age of 40 years. Hydrocele which appear in adults may be caused after some surgery in the groin or scrotum area. It can also be caused due to injury in this area.

Many adults may also get this condition due to infection or inflammation of the groin and scrotum. Cancer in the left kidney or testicle may also lead to hydrocele.

Treatment Of Hydrocele In Adults

In most cases, hydrocele in infants or newborns does not require any treatment. It gets healed with time. However, if the condition remains after the baby attains the age of 1 year, consulting a doctor is necessary, as surgery might be required for the treatment of the affliction.

Hydrocele in adult needs immediate medical intervention and surgery is the only way to get this cured. Patients need proper care after surgery and is generally recommended scrotal strap for supporting the area. Applying ice pack is advised to reduce the swelling.

Natural remedies cannot be used to cure the disease. Eating a fruit diet three times a day can help clear toxins from the system. Patients also need to increase the intake of liquid preferably in the form of lime water or milk. Yet, sugar should be strictly avoided to get positive results.

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