What Can Cause Yeast Infection on Skin: How to Naturally Treat It

The most common yeast infection on skin is candidiasis. This infection is caused by candida species. There are many varieties of candida species. Candida albicans infection is commonly found. These fungi live on our body surface. Any cut in the skin allows the fungi to penetrate the surface and cause infection. This infection occurs in body areas that are warm and moist. Underarms, folds of the skin, lower abdomen, under the breast are the common areas where candidiasis can occur. Diaper area and corners of mouth are also susceptible to candidiasis in babies.

The Types Of Yeast Infection On Skin That Are Seen Usually Are –

  • Intertrigo – This occurs in the folds of the skin. Irritation occurs due to sweat which provides warm and moist environment required for fungal growth. Commonly affected area will be fold of lower abdomen, groin and under the breast.
  • Angular cheilitis in which inflammation is seen with deep creases around mouth. Softening of the affected skin can be observed.
  • If diapers are not changed frequently, moisture remains in diaper area resulting in candidal infection.
  • Excessive sweating, lack of movement resulting in skin occlusion are contributing factors for candida infection.
  • Congenital cutaneous candidiasis is seen in infants after few hours of delivery. Baby gets this infection while passing through birth canal.
  • Chronic infection of nail fold can occur due to candidiasis. Occasionally it is associated with soft swelling around nails and discharge.
  • Candidal infection that occurs between the finger webs is called erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica. Diabetic people and people who remain in contact with water or strong chemical for longer duration due to their profession are more prone to develop this infection.
  • Systemic candidiasis is a rare condition in which infection spreads throughout the body.

Signs and Symptoms

Generally candidiasis is a superficial infection. Red flat rash with sharp edges can be seen. Rash is associated with itching and pain. Smaller patches will be seen in nearby area.

Treatment and Prevention

  • Since this infection is superficial it can be easily cured with simple treatment such as local application of antifungal cream.
  • Keep the affected area clean and dry.
  • Change the undergarments at regular intervals.
  • To prevent rash in diaper region change the diapers regularly and wash the area, pat dry and sprinkle some baby powder around genital area.
  • Use mild soap.
  • One can use gloves while washing utensils to prevent yeast infection around nails.
  • Eat balanced diet to improve your immunity.
  • Substances like yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil are found to be helpful in treating yeast infection at home. Consult your doctor before using any home remedy.

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