How Do You Get Warts On Your Hands? Symptoms And Home Remedies

Viruses are capable for producing wide variety of changes in skin and mucus membrane. Some viruses are capable of altering the morphology of skin cells. Fortunately most viral infection of the skin have self limiting course. Warts are one of the commonest viral infections. This viral disease is prevalent throughout the globe. Anyone can suffer from warts right from children to adults. Warts can be worrisome, especially when they are present on hand.

Warts on hands are usually smooth, flat or slightly raised and are usually skin colored, but occasionally they may be pigmented.

Most warts on hand are on its back side. Normally warts disappear after few weeks or may persist for years. At least in 75 percent of cases, warts on hand disappear without any treatment within 2 years. However, there are several therapies which help to remove warts faster and quicker. Besides they are mild and not deforming.

What Causes Warts On Hands?

Warts are caused by human papilloma virus and they are transmitted by direct or mediate contact. There are as many as hundred types of human papilloma virus. Out of which few variety of HPV cause warts on hands. Viruses get into action when your immune system is weak. The same thing happens in case of warts. With low immunity warts are easy to develop.

A normal person can get infected if he has cuts in his hand and comes in direct contact with a person having warts. The virus gains entry through cuts and bruises. The common site of warts is on the back of hands, fingers, around and beneath the nails.

Often nail biting makes fingers and area around nails vulnerable point for the entry of virus. Warts on hands are commonly seen in infancy and childhood in susceptible individuals and the incidence increases during school years.

However, they may also develop in adults.

Symptoms Of Warts On Hands

Warts are classified according to their morphology and the anatomical location. They can be common warts, plain warts, filliform warts, plantar warts and acuminate warts. Warts on hands are most often plain warts. They are smooth textures raised bumps of 1 mm to 1 cm or more in diameter.

Warts on hands are usually found on the back of hands and on the fingers. Often they appear on finger tips and around the nails. They may arise at the site of trauma. The course of hand warts is unpredictable. They may remain single for a long duration or increase in number in few weeks.

Warts on hands are skin colored but may become black. You may notice tiny black spot on the surface of wart. They are tiny arterioles that feed and supply blood to the wart area. Sometimes because of their location warts on hands can itch and bleed. They may get infected and become painful, in rare instances.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Warts On Hands

Warts on hands may instantaneously disappear after few weeks or they may remain for years. Warts can be removed with several measures. The commonest method applied for removal of warts is cryotherapy.

  • Cryotherapy utilizes liquid nitrogen or CO2 snow. Both are equally effective in treating warts on hands. Both treatments cause lysis of cells in wart. Ultimately the wart may shrivel and fall off. This procedure is done in doctor’s clinic. It requires clinical expertise since there is risk of damage to the surrounding skin.
  • 40 to 50 percent salicylic acid ointment applied over the warts once in a day for few days or weeks is effective in treating warts.
  • You can also remove warts at home with duct tape. Place the tape over wart and remove the tape after few days. Keep your hands in warm water for few minutes. Wart becomes moist. Rub the surface with emery stone for a while. Apply the duct tape once again. After doing the procedure for few weeks hand wart will disappear.
  • Pineapple juice is a natural remedy for removing warts. Squeeze some juice from fresh pineapple. Dip a cotton ball and dab the wart with it. It may slightly burn, but after few days of application you may find the wart has disappeared suddenly.

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