Causes Of Flem In The Throat All The Time: Home Remedies For Flem

Each day, normal metabolic processes, result in the production of two quarts of mucus by the linings of the nasal sinuses. This mucus or flem plays a crucial role in filtering the air that we breathe by preventing foreign particles from entering into the respiratory system. Further, flem also plays an important role in moistening the air passages which in turn prevents secondary infection.

However, there are certain factors that may result in production of excessive amount of flem by the nasal sinuses, which can be fairly distressing and often result in clogging of the throat.

What Are The Causes Of Flem In The Throat?

There are several factors that are responsible for accumulation of flem in the throat. Most of these causative factors are very similar to the factors that are responsible for development of upper respiratory tract irritation,

  • Allergies: Allergies are one of the most common causes for accumulation of mucus in the throat. The allergens or factors resulting in the allergic reaction include pollen, noxious gas, smoke or fume, dust, and occasionally certain foods. Staying indoors in closed and humid environment can increase the risk of allergy to molds or house mites. Allergic reaction results in increased production of mucus, result in flem in the throat.
  • Chronic smokers suffer from constant flem in the throat, which is attributed to inflammation of the mucus lining. Excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks and alcohol can also trigger flem in throat.
  • Infections: Microbial or viral infections can also contribute to increased production of phlegm. This is attributed to irritation of the mucosal lining of the sinuses and the upper respiratory tract. Further, as a part of the body’s natural defense mechanism, the excessive amount of flem is considered to help flush out the bacteria and viruses from the sinuses and the throat.
  • Certain foods like milk and other dairy products are associated with aggravated production of flem in the throat. In addition certain food items like wheat based products, whole grain and eggs also increase the production of flem in the throat, especially after a common cold or flu.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy are also responsible for increased production of flem in the throat.

Home Remedies For Flem In Throat

There are a host of natural remedies and home based treatment options for the management of flem in throat. These include the following,

  • Gargle with hot water regularly. Add a teaspoon of salt to a bowl of warm water and use if for gargling. This will not only help in natural expulsion of the excessive flem but also helps reduce the risk of infection and aids in smoothening out any inflammation of the mucous linings. Gargling with steam inhalation can hasten the recovery process.
  • Nasal rinse or nasal irrigation is another technique of reducing the production of flem in the sinuses and also helps in expulsion of excess of flem from the sinus.
  • Certain foods are known to increase the natural production of flem in the throat. Avoid foods like diary products, refined sugar, soybean and caffeine. This will help in management of flem in the throat problem.
  • Prepare a paste of ginger powder and raw honey. Add this paste to a cup of warm water and consume twice a day. This helps in improving the body’s immune system and also helps in management of throat infections.

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