Symptoms Of Flea Bites On Humans: How To Treat And Prevent Them?

Fleas are insects that live on your pets like cats and dogs. These insects suck the blood from your pet to feed off them. Fleas usually do not bite humans usually but if you have had a pet, you know that there is no way to escape that flea bite. Fleas tend to be hardy and can survive in different environments if they are in their egg stage.

Fleas do bite humans sometimes. These bites are red and usually located on the lower half of the body. These bites form red bumps and are extremely itchy! It’s important to not scratch these welts or the bites can easily get infected.

If you are generally allergic to insect bites, the red bumps might swell up to larger swollen bites and are painful to touch. If your insect bites develop pus or start to ooze, you might need emergency medical care.

How To Treat Infected Flea Bites On Humans?

The best way to treat the bites is to treat them like an allergy and contain their spread.

  • Avoid scratching or aggravating the bite. Do not itch. Itching spread the bacteria and infects the surrounding skin too.
  • Put calamine lotion on the bite to soothe the skin. You can even ice the bite to relieve the itchiness.
  • You can also try other topical antihistamines to soothe the bite-infested skin.
  • If you are severely allergic, you can also take an oral antihistamine, usually available over-the-counter.
  • If the flea bites are particularly bad, you can try soaking in oatmeal bath in tepid water. Remember not to make the bath very hot or else your skin will get drier and make the flea bites each even more.
  • There is also the option of anti bacterial soap. You can continue that soap for a few days more even after that incident of bites is soothed.
  • Tea tree oil, especially diluted, can be very soothing and can reduce inflammation too.
  • You can also try putting some aloe vera on the bites. Try and source some directly from the plant, getting the anti inflammatory properties without any dilution.

If there are other symptoms accompanying the bites like nausea or headaches, you might need to see a doctor. It might mean that you have another infection brewing.

How To Prevent Flea Bites On Humans?

Though the bites can be dealt with, recurrent bites, especially without a pet in sight indicates an infestation of fleas. This scenario usually occurs when you move into an unoccupied house. It’s a good idea to treat the house for such infestations before moving in.

If you have pets, ensure that they are regularly cleaned and groomed. Vacuum all areas that are potential hazard zones. Carpets and couches are frequently blamed for lice infestations. You need to be clean and regular because flea bites, though harmless, can sometimes spread dangerous infections. All linen should be disinfected and washed thoroughly. If you are not able to completely disinfect then seek the help of a professional company.

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