Symptoms Of Finger Warts: Causes, Treatment And How To Prevent It?

Warts are small, granular growths on the skin. They are rough to touch. Their external appearance is like that of cauliflower. They usually occur on hands, fingers and soles. Warts are caused by virus and they are transmitted by touch.

Sometimes you can see black spots on the surface of the wart. These are due to small clotted blood vessels. Generally no treatment is required for the warts. They disappear on their own. Sometime people choose to remove these warts for cosmetic purpose.

What Causes Warts On Fingers?

Virus which is responsible for warts is called human papilloma virus (HPV).

There are different strains of this virus which cause different types of warts. If a person has wart on one part of the body and if he touches that wart and then later if he touches other body part then he may develop wart on that body part.

This virus can spread from person to person through direct contact or by sharing towel or tools like nail cutter etc. of the affected person. Warts spread through broken skin. Warts appear in the area where the skin is damaged due to bite or scratch. Biting your nails can cause warts near finger tip or around nail.  Warts that are found on fingers are common warts.

Symptoms Of Finger Warts

  • One can see small, grainy growths on the fingers.
  • They are rough to touch.
  • They are painless.
  • Wart may have whitish or pink or skin color.
  • There may be single or multiple warts.
  • Warts bleed when cut.

Diagnosis: Doctors diagnose warts by just looking at it. If doctor is in doubt he may scrape the upper layer of the wart so as to see the clotted blood vessels in it. In case of further doubt they may send the sample for further tests to rule out other growths.

Treatment For Warts On Finger

  • Usually no treatment is required for warts. Warts disappear on their own after one or two years. One may try home remedies for warts. If warts are bothersome cryosurgery helps to remove warts.
  • Many people have found duct tape useful in removal of warts. Duct tape is used by wearing it over the wart for one week. After one week duct tape is removed and wart is soaked in warm water and the dead skin is removed with pumice stone. Repeat the process if necessary. Success rate of this procedure is about 21%.
  • One can use over the counter medication for treatment of warts. Soak wart in warm water, remove dead skin with pumice stone, pat dry the area and then apply the medication. You may need to apply medication for two to three months.
  • If you see any change in size or color of the wart consult the doctor.

How To Prevent Finger Warts?

  • As warts can occur through broken skin, do not bite your nails and do not nibble the skin around fingernails.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after touching wart.
  • Do not pick the wart as picking it may spread the virus.
  • Follow routine hygiene to prevent infection.
  • Keep your tools separate from that of other’s.
  • Keep your hands dry and clean.
  • Improve your immunity against HPV by instilling healthy habits.

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