What Causes Boils On Buttocks? Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Them

Boil is a skin infection that occurs in hair follicle. Most commonly affected areas are face, neck, armpits and buttocks. Affected skin becomes red and tender, small bump is visible which later suppurates and pus is formed. Later on bump ruptures and pus is thrown out.

Boils on buttocks is a bothering condition as sitting on hard surface becomes really painful with boils on buttocks.

Some of the common causes of boils on buttocks include:

  • Boils are caused by bacteria named staphylococcus aureus. Bacteria enter the skin through cuts or scratches. People suffering from diabetes or those people having low immunity are likely to suffer from boils on buttocks.
    Poor hygiene is an important contributing factor.
  • Exposure to chemical which may act as an irritant for skin can cause boils.
  • Ingrown hair – hair grows inwards in hair follicle instead of outwards and blocks the follicle. Thus skin becomes inflamed and infected.
  • Sweat glands can get blocked due to dirt and sweat and may result in boils.
  • Injury caused to the buttock skin due to foreign body may cause boils. Foreign body may carry bacilli and skin injury facilitates penetration of bacilli.

Symptoms: Affected skin will become red and small nodule appears beneath the skin. Gradually nodules become larger.

Pus is formed and nodule appears white. Nodule ruptures and pus is discharged. If there are multiple boils then one may suffer from fever and chills. One must consult doctor in the presence of fever.

Home Remedies To Treat Boils On Buttocks

If person is suffering from one or two small boils one may not need any treatment. Boil may disappear within few days.

In case of persistent or multiple boils one may take course of antibiotics after consulting the doctor. Anti-inflammatory medication may reduce local inflammation.

  • Soak clean cloth in warm water.
    Squeeze out excess water. Apply this warm compress to boil. Repeat this process till boil ruptures. Warm compresses help to reduce pain. It improves local circulation. It enhances suppuration and pus comes to the surface. Once pus is drained out boil heals rapidly.
  • When boil starts draining, you must wash the area two to three times a day and keep the area clean. Wash the affected area with antibacterial soap. After washing the area apply medicated cream on the boil.
  • Do not rupture the boil with needle. This may worsen the infection. Let the nature‚Äôs course take care of it.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing
  • Take proper a bath with soap after heavy work or sweating
  • Change undergarments at least twice a day
  • Clean and treat the skin injuries immediately. Apply medicated cream on the wound after washing it with clean water thoroughly.
  • Eat balanced diet to improve your immunity
  • Homeopathy helps in the treatment of boils. Recurrence of boils can be prevented with the help of homeopathy. Arnica cures the recurrent attacks of boils. Silicea will hasten the suppurative process. The medicines should be taken after consulting your homeopath.
  • Clothes and bed sheets of the affected person should be washed thoroughly with detergent. Clothes should be ironed after drying to kill the germs.

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