Swollen Finger From Bee Sting: Home Remedies To Treat Bee Stings

Bee sting is a fairly common, especially among individuals who live in the country side and work during the day. Usually bee stings are associated with local symptoms like swelling, inflammation and pain, however in cases when an individual has been exposed to more than 10 bee stings at a time, the condition can be associated with systemic or allergic reaction which can often be life threatening. This article provides information about how to treat a swollen finger from bee sting and tips on how to prevent getting stung by bees.

Bee sting is associated with a lot of panic and it is important to know how to manage a bee sting in order to be able to avert the systemic reactions associated with the condition. When a bee stings, it releases a poison (or an allergen) into the blood, which triggers a localized inflammatory response. This localized inflammatory reaction is associated with swelling around the site of the sting along with heat, redness and severe stinging pain. When a bee stings the finger, it causes to finger to swell up, burn and itch.

Estimates suggest that an average sized person can tolerate about 10 stings for every pound of his/her body weight, which means that an average adult can survive even after being stung by bees 1000 times. However, multiple stings can be associated with life-threatening situation especially among the elderly with cardiopulmonary disorders or among young infants.

Home Remedies To Treat A Swollen Finger After Bee Sting

When a bee stings you, the bee leaves behind a stinger which contains the venom or poison. The muscles of the stinger pump the venom into the skin even if the bee has dissociated from the stinger.

The first thing to do is to immediately remove the bee’s stinger.

  • Try not to pull out the stinger with a pair of tweezers or your fingers, because this may squeeze more venom out of the stinger. Ideally try to scrape the stinger from sideways using a butter knife, your fingers or a credit card edge.
  • Remember, it is more important to remove the stinger quickly. How fast you remove the stinger is more important than how you remove it.

Here are some other tips that can help treat swollen finger from bee sting.

  • Homeopathic drugs like Arsenic Alb and Apis Mel can provide immediate relief to the pain and the swelling. Frequent ingestion of the medicine in low potency is recommended.
  • Cold compress can help reduce the inflammatory reaction and reduce the swelling at the site of the sting.
  • Local application of a paste of turmeric can have a soothing effect on the skin and also prevent secondary infection at the site.
  • Severe cases are associated with anaphylactic shocks or severe allergic reaction may require hospitalization.

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