Causes Of Stones In Stomach: What Are Its Symptoms & Remedies?

The most common form of stone in stomach syndrome is gallstone or gallbladder stone. Gallstone that is also referred to as bile stone, is a calculus deposited in the gallbladder or its ducts. Some people grow just a single gallstone while others may develop several gallstones simultaneously. The size of a gallstone may vary, ranging from the size of a grain of sand to the size of a golf ball.

The most common treatment for gallbladder stone is surgery. However, mild form of the disease can effectively be contained with various home-based remedies.

Kidney stone is another form of stone in stomach. Kidney stones are calculi that are formed in kidney. These stones are usually built of calcium and amino acids or uric acid. The formation of kidney stone can take place in either of the kidneys.

A kidney stone in very small size can go unnoticed if it does not show any symptom. In most cases of kidney stone, people choose surgical option but it can also be successfully cured with home remedies.

Symptoms Of Stones In Stomach

Stone in stomach either in the form of gallstone or kidney can be very painful. Often, these disorders also lead to serious infection with life-threatening consequences. People experiencing gallstone may show up symptoms such as bloody urine or tea-colored urine, difficulty in passing urine and inadequate urine.

Some other symptoms of the disease include nausea, irritability, sharp flank pain and sweating. Often, pain tends to move towards lower abdomen and testicles.

Stone in stomach in the form of gallstone usually shows minor health symptoms. In case a gallstone gets lodged in the duct and a blockage is caused the condition would show symptoms such as shooting pain in upper right abdomen and center of abdomen.

Sometimes, it may also cause back pain between the shoulder blades.

Causes Of Stone Formation In Stomach

The small hard stones that develop in kidney are made up of crystallized materials like calcium and amino acids. The formation of kidney stones takes place when liver emits more quantity of cholesterol than the bile can dissolve. This extra cholesterol takes the shape of crystals which further develop into kidney stones.

The formation of gallstones takes place in the bile duct when certain chemicals like cholesterol, calcium carbonate and bilirubinate become solid and take shape of either a large lump or several small lumps. Low water intake is one of the reasons that promote stomach stone disorders.

Home Remedies For Stone In Stomach

Common treatment option for stone in stomach is surgery. Alternatively, you can also treat both gallstone disorder and kidney stone disorder comprehensively with the help of natural home remedies.

  • Apple cider vinegar which does not allow liver to make cholesterol, works excellent in dissolving gallstones.
  • Lemon juice that is high in vitamin C prevents liver from producing cholesterol. It helps in quick discharge of waste products, lessening the chance of gallstone formation.
  • Squeeze fresh juice from 4 lemons and drink in an empty stomach every day. Then, drink a glass of water. Continue this treatment for one week. It would flush out the stones successfully.

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  1. Ravik

    One of my relative used this treatment at home. In one glass of warm water add the juice of one lemon and one table spoon of olive Oil. Drink it two times daily for at least five days. The results were very good.

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