Causes Of Stiffness In Fingers: Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Stiffened finger is a condition which affects the joints of the finger making finger movement a tough and painful job. Stiffened fingers in the morning can really make you feel stressed at the very beginning of the day. With stiff fingers, it is difficult to brush your teeth or prepare the breakfast. It can also be a cause of great hindrance while driving.

Though arthritis is one of the major causes of this condition, there can be other factors too. In most of the cases, this condition effect one or two fingers.

However, if left untreated, it can spread to other fingers as well.

Symptoms Of Stiffness In Fingers

Difficulty in moving the finger, especially in the morning is one of the major symptoms of this condition. Stiffened fingers, when caused by rheumatoid arthritis, affect the wrist and arm. The condition is severe in the morning and gradually becomes better with the passing of time. It can also lead to a visible inflammation of the finger joint.

If a persisting nerve problem has led to this condition, it will cause stiffening of the entire hand. Pain in the hand is one of the significant symptoms of stiffened fingers. This mostly happens due to tendon or ligament injury.

In case, the condition is triggered by drop in the temperature the person will experience this only when the finger gets exposed to cold and recovers as soon as the hands are warmed up.

What Are The Causes Of Stiffening Of Fingers?

Arthritis or to be more specific rheumatoid arthritis is the major cause of stiffened fingers. It may initially start with finger joints and if left untreated can spread to the arm, wrist and even leg joints. Apart from this, bone fracture in the past can also lead to stiffening of fingers.

Though this mostly affects the bone joints, people may also get this as neurological problem and may be an indication of Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Studies have revealed that most people experience this condition due to strain in the joints and muscles of their fingers. Thickening of ligaments, while practicing rigorous activities like golfing or weight lifting can impend the movement of fingers in the long run.

High impact activities of hand leading to the damage of ligaments that connects tendons and fingers can also cause stiffening of fingers. In such cases, tendon movement is severely affected and it stops functioning even after the ligaments are healed, causing the fingers to stiffen permanently.

People living in cold countries can get stiffened fingers in the winter months due to the significant drop in the temperature level. Nutritional deficiencies also account for this problem in some cases.

Natural Treatment For Stiff Fingers

Medication is important for treating stiffened fingers caused due to arthritis or nerve problems. If medications do not help in recovery, patient may also have to undergo surgery to treat the condition.

However, if the condition is caused due to strenuous activities or high impact activities, it is generally healed by taking rest and avoiding the activities leading to this condition.

In case, there is swelling, you may also apply turmeric and calcium hydroxide to get some relief from pain. If the condition is caused due to drop in temperature, it is recommended to cover up your hands in the wintry weather and avoid exposing your fingers under all circumstances.

Including gingko biloba, fish oil, fresh vegetables and fruits can help in curing stiffened fingers to a great extent.

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