Symptoms and Causes of Dry Throat: Home Remedies for Throat Dryness

Most of us have experienced dry, parched feeling in our throat at some time or the other. Fortunately, this problem can be easily alleviated with the help of simple and natural home remedies. However, it is important to know what the possible causes of throat dryness are, before trying to treat the problem.

Pharyngitis, more commonly known as a dry throat, is a very common problem that can affect anyone. This condition is more commonly seen during the winter months, but can occur throughout the year.

Causes of Dryness in Throat

There are several different factors that could cause you to experience dryness in the throat and these include;

  • Dehydration: Lower than normal levels of fluid in your body make your throat feel parched and itchy.
  • Smoking: The ingredients present in cigarettes dispense fluid from your body, causing you to get dehydrated. Tobacco and recreational drugs have a similar effect on the body.
  • Allergies: Exposure to foods or products that you are allergic to, often causes your throat to get dry.
  • Exposure to chemicals: Several individuals mainly experience soreness and itching in the throat after using cleaning products that contain strong chemicals.
  • Lack of humidity: When the levels of moisture in the atmosphere go down, you breathe in cold, dry air. This irritates the throat membranes and makes them feel scratchy.
  • Health conditions: Very often chronic throat dryness is a symptom of an underlying medical problem, such as Botulism food poisoning, tonsillitis or Sjogren’s syndrome.

Some of the causes of dry throat are quite serious and need to be treated by a doctor, without any delay.

Symptoms Of Dryness in Throat

A dry, sore and itchy throat is one of the first symptoms of pharyngitis. However, you may experience a few additional signs and symptoms, which include –

  • Swelling around the throat
  • Pain that worsens when you talk or swallow
  • Coughing
  • Fever and body aches
  • Dryness in the mouth and lips
  • Hoarseness and changes in the voice

Treatment Options

There are several simple self-care steps and home remedies that can be used to alleviate a dry throat –

  • Drinking fluids: Make sure that you have more than 8 glasses of water each day.
    Herbal teas (ginger, chamomile and eucalyptus) with a dash of honey are also great for relieving a dry, sore throat.
  • Humidifying the air: Add moisture to the atmosphere by placing a humidifier or a vaporizer in the room, especially during the night. Make sure that you filter it regularly, to reduce the risks of allergies.
  • Having gum or candy: You can increase the production of saliva in the mouth by chewing on some sugar-free gum or sucking or a piece of hard candy. This helps ease the dryness in the throat to a great extent.
  • Gargling with salt water: The antiviral and antibacterial properties present in salt help cleanse the mouth and relieve any inflammation. For best results, gargle with warm salt water twice a day.

When it comes to a dry throat, different cures work for different people and you may need to try a few before identifying the one that works for you.

These remedies are quite safe if used correctly, but it is best to check with a doctor before trying any. Do consult a doctor in case these remedies do not cure the problem.

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